Just Wondering

There have got to be more than a few Republicans out there thinking about what could have been.  At the Republican convention, the fire-beathers were out in force, including a little punch to more than half of Americans by the President himself. 

Just think, the Republicans could have nominated any number of out of work politicians who wouldn’t have had to pull a stunt like McCain did just to get attention.  They could have stayed on the stump, pounding away at the useless Congress.  One of them would have picked one of the others (instead of the little lady that needs protecting from the mean old press) as a running mate and both of them could have spent the last few days advocating for the Bush plan or just throwing stones from a distance.  None of them would have cowered from a debate.  They perhaps would have turned down the nice ‘help’ from the administration that McCain has been all to happy to use.

Back in the summer, I thought I was getting into tinfoil hat territory by thinking that the Bush administration was setting things up for McCain.  Now, I’m not so sure.  It’s as if they are over-doing it.  Let’s see if I can remember them all (may not be in chronological order:

  • McCain goes to Colombia and long held hostages are released while he is there.
  • Obama goes to Germany and the DoD basically stops him from visiting wounded soldiers.
  • Georgia blows up and McCain has an ‘in’ with his lobbyist — prepared heads-up.
  • Bush administration pressures Iraqi government in negotiations in order to help McCain
  • Bush administration sparks a financial crisis media blitz it was already prepared for and the Bush himself parrots (or is it the other way around) McCain’s suggestion on national tv.
  • Bush putting Petraeus in a position over the conflicts in  Iraq and Afghanistan, from which he can’t be fired (from what I have read, Bush & Co. aare laughing their asses off about that).

I’m probably leaving something out.

One point McCain didn’t get was trying to own the anniversary of 9/11.

I almost feel sorry for McCain.  Almost.

Updated by adding another point I had forgotten.


5 responses to “Just Wondering

  1. Ola! I sent a mini-bk review to ‘bizi’ … for Calle V, if you want to …

  2. Looking forward to the debate tonight- hoping for a complete meltdown by McCain. He has been a total drama queen this past week. I can just see him going off on an angry rant while Obama calmly makes notes and Lehrer looks embarrassed.

    Meanwhile, Ed Schultz says his Capitol Hill sources report McCain insiders are calling Sarah Palin “clueless.” I can’t say I’m suprised- most women I know with a job and young kids can keep up with the job and kids, but haven’t got time to relax with a novel, much less keep up with national/international affairs. Of course, most of them are aware of their limitations.

    Watch for some contrived crisis to cause the cancellation of the veep debate. They tried it week, suggesting cancelling tonight and rescheduling Oct 2 (the veep date) but Obama didn’t take the bait.

    The theme tonight will be that McCain wanted to continue working for the American people in Washington, but Obama put his personal ambitions ahead of his country.

  3. I’m getting all set up — everything taken care of so I can watch it hopefully without interruptions.

    I’m really looking forward to it, too.

    I read and heard a lot of backtracking and finger pointing today. Lindsey Graham on MSNBC was trying his damnedest to imply that the shouting match that supposedly happened yesterday at the White House was Obama’s fault. Pretty weak tea.

  4. I’m sure that Obama has raised his voice maybe a few times in his life but we all know that McCain is a regular red-faced screamer. I’ve read a couple of accounts about Harry Reid letting McCain and others have it, but when Harry’s mad he’s usually cold as ice (which is more effective anyway). Any suggestions for words or phrases to wait for? ‘country first’, ‘my friends’, ‘lipstick’?

  5. MY FRIENDS when he addresses the audience.

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