Bush Speaks!

Initially, it sounds like blame the home buyers.  Once again, he’s just learned something and is now “teaching” the rest of us.  (Here’s a cartoon I saw a while back.  It explains the sub prime debacle.)

Now the scare tactics — the bank in your neighborhood could fail etc.

Bush backs McCain’s plan to meet tomorrow.  I swear, is there nothing the Bush administration won’t do to help McCain?

2 responses to “Bush Speaks!

  1. I think he is trying to let the Federal Reserve do the SEC’s job, among other things.

    I don’t trust the panic. Too much of a Patriot Act vibe for me. My Congressman concurs. I’m going to read up on the proposals and call the congresscritters again tomorrow

  2. I think this little speech was a vehicle to get free air time for McCain’s suggestion of getting together. McCain was already scheduled to be in D.C. tomorrow. This was another way — on a grander scale — to force Obama to do what they want.

    I’m lucky in a way, I live in a red state, have a blue rep and she’s too busy with the hurricane stuff. I don’t think she is on the committees involved in this negotiation. I should look that up though.

    I can’t remember where I read it, but this Paulson plan was in the works way before last Friday, so your instinct is correct.

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