Democrats Seem to Cave on Drilling

I saw this AP article about Democrats dropping the provision in a spending bill which would continue the off-shore drilling moratorium.  While some Republicans and Conservatives may be doing a happy dance, it’s not that big of a deal.

I heard T. Boone Pickens (not someone I agree with politically, but someone I respect as far as knowing the oil industry) in a radio interview state that even if this very thing happened and new leases were offered in the Gulf of Mexico by the government, more than 90% of those leases wouldn’t be bid on.  In other words, this little tantrum by Republicans has been and will continue to be just an election year gimmick.  And that’s what Obama has always called it, correctly.

In the past, oil futures rose when a devastating hurricane hit the Gulf.  During and after Ike, oil futures dropped.  Local gas stations have the same price for a gallon of gas as they did before Eduard.  The market seems to have leveled out — despite the clamoring by Republicans just after the summer break.

As far as the moratorium, it will be back in place soon — soon enough for this petty “victory” for Republicans and Conservatives to be a blip on the political landscape.

In home news, I have two of my kittens back.  Cisco went right back to his same old habits — he didn’t miss a beat.  Caroline had some troubles.  She peed herself in the crate.  I washed her off, though she didn’t like it much.  It’s been hard on her.  Tonight will be her night with me.  No pups allowed.


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