Thinking about the Generator

Looking back on it now, could I have made it through the week, the days without it?  I wanted to save what was in a freezer that I initially didn’t think I needed.  Was it worth the noise and the stink and the annoyance?  I don’t know.  Is there a way I can avoid using it in the future?

Now, with the lights on and the fridge clean, I think: could I have finished Nixonland?  Could I have taken the pups on more walks?  Could I have avoided the neighbor related meltdown? Is the food in the freezer worth running that generator and getting entangled with the neighbors?

Going back to work today, I thought I would offer my generator to someone who didn’t have power.  Most were appreciative, but wary.  Perhaps I should have been as well.  I was doing ok before I got hooked.  I was reading and walking the pups, and even though I stank — no one that I care about cared about that.

It was a mistake.

I’ll maintain it.  The next time this sort of situation comes up, I’ll sell it.  I’ll feel guilty because it puts so much into the air, but I won’t use it again.  I’ll make my own way.

I would love to go off the grid — put solar panels on the new roof that I will have to arrange for, but I don’t know how I can do it.

I took Tammy out for a walk this evening.  We came across a little McMansion in our neighborhood.  Being nosey we looked around.  It would be nice to start with a clean house with no problems.  However, having been in my neighbor’s houses, I think I can get this one in good shape now.  I’m low on finances, but I can do it.

This blog thing may be changing, too (again, I know).

I don’t make much, but maybe I can make a difference, in my own way.

I regret getting the generator.  I regret going in on the neighbor’s generator.  I could have made it without either.


2 responses to “Thinking about the Generator

  1. Could you call Red Cross or one of the other charities & see if they will take the generator as a donation? The tax deduction would recoup part of your money

  2. That’s a very good idea.

    I think I should look into some sort of solar powered lighting, too. And next summer I will only have ice packed in the freezer, not food. I can also only have what I can eat in a short amount of time in the fridge.

    I remember seeing a combination solar/wind powered generator on the news the other night. Something like that is probably very expensive, but what if I could use it for lights and charging my computer?

    My sister said she would give me an old fashioned phone and get me a crank radio for Christmas.

    Having gone through it, I really think I can get myself better prepared before the next time comes around, unless that time comes this hurricane season!

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