Teevee Radar

Wow.  The teevee station that I had watched each half hour of the storm justed showed the whole radar thing in a matter of seconds.  The second half of the storm was on and off the air in no time.  That was when the house shook.  The time I thought I had lost the outside kittens and the house shook.  After that, I couldn’t sleep.


3 responses to “Teevee Radar

  1. Hey! Not sure if or when you’ll get this … I’ll try calling both phones later this morning (just in case!) … don’t worry about the cell phone, k? Also, when you called there had been a little “elder person” drama & some sibling drama from my side so plenty of stress to go around … but everything’s okay … If I don’t get a hold of you later today I’ll be there bright & early tomorrow … drop a return comment if you can … see ya later & hug the babies for me!

  2. Everything is ok. I’m going out for more gas here in just a bit.

    Babies have been especially good.

    I’m just worried about getting up early tomorrow.

  3. Don’t worry … btw, Stumpy’s has been diligently waking me at 6:20 each morning so I’ll remind him tonight (AND I’ll set the alarm) … oh, some good news … any time off that was taken from work on Tuesday or Wednesday won’t be counted as benefit time so I’m off the hook about having to work later during the day tomorrow … YaY!!!

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