Riddle me This — Hurrican Ike Version

Michael Berry of local AM radio fame (infamy?), somehow managed to get ice and water for a publicity stunt on Monday (I think — the days between Friday and Tuesday have run together for me — but suffice to say, it was before the FEMA PODS were up and running).  Laterhe was on the air complaining about how ungrateful some people had been about his efforts.  He also complained that people were driving past open supermarkets to get the free ice, water and MRE’s.  Then yesterday evening, as he was talking to a kid (12 or 13) from Deer Park about MRE’s, Berry quizzed the kid about the contents and stated that he (Berry) had MRE’s.

My question is:  What the hell is Michael Berry — someone who has access to a place that has had continuous power throughout — doing with MRE’s?  Why didn’t the conservative, self-reliant Berry have enough food stored up to feed himself?  Which little kid did he take food out of the mouth of?

I tried to call in to his radio show yesterday and just now, but the line is busy.


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