The “I’ve got mine” Attitude – Hurricane Ike Version

I’m lucky.  My power is out, but my neighbor has a generator and I’m back up and running (minimally) until about 1 a.m.  Roberto and B brought me some more batteries, so I can listen to the radio for a few hours (instead of just for 5 minutes or so at the top of the hour).

Michael Berry decided that it would be a good marketing scheme to distribute some water and ice today.  Who knows where or how he got it.  I don’t think I want to know.  He was complaining about being sunburned (no sunscreen?).  As I discovered earlier, his other station (950 AM), as well as the other wingnut station was up and running this morning — no rest for the propagandists.

What I find typical — I’ve been reading Nixonlandsince Saturday evening — is that not only is Berry, but most of his callers and guests blaming those of us without power, and those without resources (now in day three) short sighted.  Berry claims that someone he gave ice to today complained.  We’ll never know if he was lying.  Given my experience of listening to him — including chastising a caller for pointing out that a particular area had not gotten much help — and alluding that the caller was African American and complaining based on race — he was probably lying.  Most of those I’ve heard so far have second homes — from Berry, to Randy Lemon the ‘Garden Guy’, to the callers.  One Haliburton retiree was lecturing us unfortunates that it only takes about $10,000 to ensure you always have power.  Thanks!

I’m not complaining — don’t get me wrong.  We are all in this together.  Four homeowners (including me) have banded together to share our neighbor’s generator.  We’re chipping in as it goes along.  We may even buy a gas tank together and fill it up if the electricity stays out much longer.  My sister and mom have power because they are on the same grid as a fire station.  My sister has gone out and picked up all of my mom’s retired friends and brought them to the air conditioning of her home.  All of their friends have cooked and grilled and shared food.  She wanted to help me, but it’s too dangerous for either of us to meet up.

Roberto gave me his cell.  I’ve loaned it to my neighbor.  Yesterday, my friend b gave me lots of ice.  When I got home, I gave half of it to my neighbor — and that was BEFORE the generator offer happened.  Today B brought me an apple, V-8 juice and Batteries and Ice.

Just now someone called out Berry on the same topic that I just wrote about.  Berry doesn’t care.  He’s just looking out for himself and his bidness.  He doesn’t care what anyone says.  It’s his soapbox and he’s standing on it.

As for me, I like my neighborhood more than ever, especially my new coop neighbors.


3 responses to “The “I’ve got mine” Attitude – Hurricane Ike Version

  1. It was great to come into work this morning & bring up Calle V! Forward progress …
    I see you guys are closed thru this coming Sunday but couldn’t get more detail as to whether that applies to everybody (staff, instructors, etc.) …
    I guess it’s a sad commentary to have to say that I’m neither shocked nor surprised that the wingnuts are scrambling to politicize every little thing about Ike … the wicked never rest!

  2. Was that on the school’s web site? I just checked again and you are right.

    Wow. Just wow.

  3. Ola! It’s now almost noon on Wednesday 9/17 … Just a couple of things: curfew has been extended until Midnight (I’m not sure if it goes thru the weekend or what) …
    I tried calling the cell but it went straight to the answering machine …
    I will continue trying to call today … given gas shortage & other things I’m going to reschedule Tammy for next week (but I’ll leave that to the last working minute today) …
    I will have to work some on Saturday but will try & get off early tomorrow & come over to the house … I’ll check Calle in case you are able to reply) … depending on gas situation & if I can’t get a hold of you by phone, I may come by tonight as well … okay! If you get this let me know (if you cans!!!!)

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