Much better day

First off, I am so grateful that everyone I know here in the houston area that I have been able to get in touch with is ok.  I’m the only one for now without power, but I live north of all of them and it is my understanding that the power company is working south to north.   It may be a week before my neighborhoos gets power back.  One of the neighbors has a generator and today he got a few of us organized to share it.  Right now I’ve got the freezer plugged in and a fan.  I’ll recharge my laptop before my turn is over.

I took some pictures of the bayou behind my house today when I took Murphy for a walk.  It’s about 3 or 4 from the bank.  The two nearest freeways are underwater.  Some neighbors cleared the trees that had been blocking the street, so now people don’t have to turn around in my driveway (that was making the pups crazy. 

Things are pretty bad for a whole lot of people right now and won’t get much better any time soon.

I’m very fortunate and I really really know it.


2 responses to “Much better day

  1. Can’t beat good neighbors.

  2. It’s interesting. He’s the only neighbor I hadn’t met — he’s very reclusive. I was surprised to see him working his way down the street. He’s been back several times — he’s actually enjoying this and says as much. He’s tinkering with the generator to see just how much it can handle and came around today and said try the air conditioner!

    I’m very very lucky.

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