The Bayou before Ike

I got a little stir-crazy and decided to go take some pictures of the bayou behind my house before the storm comes.

After Allison, the city did a lot of work on the bayou.  On the left is a wall made of medium sized rocks encased in heavy wire.  These can soak up a lot of water without falling apart.  The bayou is also wider and deeper than before Allison.

Since we haven’t had much rain lately, the bayou is very low.  Most of the bayous that run through Houston empty into Galveston Bay.  Unfortunately, the storm is going to come right up through the bay.  The surge will probably push tons of water up through the system of bayous.

It’s been overcast most of the day and only is the last hour or so has there been the slightest breeze.  As I drove around the little circle of my street, most of the homes are boarded up and only a couple of families were out in their yards either talking or working on their windows.  It’ been quiet all day — just like the eerie quiet before Rita.  I was out on the street, going to a friends, that day.  It’s so strange when a city of 3 million goes so very quiet.

Ahh, yes.  Just as I finished typing that last sentence, my goofy neighbor cranks up his nortano (envision a tilde over the last ‘n’) music.

The most serious situation is on Bolivar.  People are stuck there since the ferry is shut down and the whole place is underwater.  It must be terrifying.


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