I’m all set

Time to get some rest, so I can wake up around 10 tonight.

I turned on the radio, just for fun.  (I’ve been watching coverage on the teevee today.)  The old news station that has turned into all Republicans all the time has bumped its political menu to its sister station.  It’s almost shocking to hear Hannity talk about sex education, saying the words penis and testicles and vaginas and masturbation.  It’s almost like the time I turned on the radio on Thanksgiving Day and the local right wing talk station was airing a vintage Limbaugh show — about bestiality and used condoms.

Enough with the rants.  I’m off for a nap and then we’ll see what happens.


3 responses to “I’m all set

  1. Murphy wouldn’t let me sleep, though Tammy was trying.

    I switched them out. Dora is in her anxiety wrap and hopefully we can catch a nap.

  2. Poor little Murph- his first hurricane. Give him hugs from me. Dora and Tammy, too

    My dog always freaked out on 4th of July -hated the fireworks, tho thunder didn’t seem to bother her.

    DO you have the bathtub full? and a good book and flashlight to pass the time? I expect the power will go down and there wil be blog silence, but please post a “we’re OK” as soon as practical. I’ll be lurking

  3. It’s 11 and everything is ok so far. And yes, the bathtub and lots of other containers are full.

    Murphy has calmed down since his earlier freak-out and even went outside just a bit ago, with Tammy, of course.

    I’m going to put up some pics.

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