Thinking about handling hurricanes and foreign policy

Having heard a bit from Palin and watching the news here in Houston, I’d say that Palin wouldn’t be able to handle the complexity of the evacuation of either this hurricane or Gustav.

If I can’t visualize her here speaking credibly, then what?  Hell, Bush is where?

At least we can be sure Bar is making out good.

Fuckers — all of them.  If this hurricane comes through Houston in the way it looks like it will, I will personally — hell I don’t know.  If I see or hear a Bush family member, I’ll lose it probably.  Or maybe not. Or maybe just initially.

5 responses to “Thinking about handling hurricanes and foreign policy

  1. I’ll take the experience of a mayor of the 4th largest city in the country (or of an elected official from the 3rd largest city in the country) over the governor of the great big empty state of Alaska any old day (to paraphrase LBJ!) … as for the House of Bush, they’ll pull that Connecticut Yankee in cowboy boots shtick once too often and someone is liable to go Bill Ayers on their ass (tell ya what).

  2. Ola! Hope you got some rest … we stayed up & then I got up pretty early (around 6) to check on kitties … Cisco & Stumpy roamed much of the night & Koshka is fascinated/appalled (hard to tell which) … I’ll try & give you a buzz around 10 or so just to check in … all things considered we’re probably as ready as we’ll ever be …

  3. Mornin’!

    I got up a little before 8. It’s really weird not having the kittens around. Everything is ok — I have a few more things to do, but that’s it.

    The pictures from Galveston are amazing.

  4. Wndy yet?

    Looks like a direct hit on Galveston Bay.

    You and Roberto (and the cats and dogs) are in my thoughts

  5. It’s still pretty dead. Wait, perhaps that was poor choice of words (just kidding).

    We’re still about 12 hours out. I’m going to take a nap so I can be up and alert when it starts coming in.

    Now I’m hoping that it does get up to a Cat 3 and just stays a 2.

    Amazingly, there’s still crazy people on the island (besides the media and emergency personnel. . . .)

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