Predicting Ike’s Impact

The local CBS station’s weather forecaster just went over what each region from the coast inland can expect.

The thing that gets me is they are predicting a +20′ storm surge.  The Seawall in Galveston is 18′.  I can only hope that they are wrong.  The surge will come up through Galveston Bay and the Ship Channel.  My mom and sister live fairly close to the Ship Channel, but pretty far inland.  For now they haven’t been evacuated, but if it happens, they can go to my brother’s house way out on the northwest side of town — which according to the preview I just watched, will only have a little wind and rain.

As for my area, they are predicting strong winds (up to 100 mph) and lots of flooding.

Another interesting thing is that they are showing all of the beach houses around Freeport and Surfside.  I used to go there with my family and later with my friends to surf.  I recognized some of the more unusual houses.  They may not be there Monday.

I hope this thing dissapates, or at least doesn’t strengthen very much.  I’m probably repeating myself . . .


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