Hurricane Ike Preparations

School let out early, so I was able to run to Petsmart and the grocery store.  Petsmart was normal, but the grocery store was packed.  Most of the gas stations I passed were packed, too.  The prices in the small section of town I drove around ranged from 3.79 to 3.29.  It’s nowhere near what it was like before Rita in 2005.

The pups seem to already sense that something is up.  They have been bouncing off the walls and barking since I got home.  The kittens are hiding.  I’m going to ship the kittens off to a friend who lives higher up, so I will only have to deal with the pups.  I bought Dora a muzzle, but I hope I won’t have to use it.  I just don’t want to take any chances.  I may put her anxiety wrap on if she doesn’t calm down soon.

I’ve got the ice cube making going and have some empty milk jugs full of water in the freezer.  I already had most of my water bottles filled.  I’ll fill up the tubs tomorrow — maybe even fill up Murphy’s little pool.  The laundry is going, too.  I thought I had better get everything washed, just in case.

On the news, the Gulf is really churning.  It’s almost covered the jetties.  Most of the concern is about the possible storm surge.  The evacuation plans seem to be going smoothly — the traffic was very light on the freeway going north — at least here just north of downtown. 

As of about 4 — Ike isn’t strengthening – YaY! — the bad news is that the track has shifted again towards us.

More later.


2 responses to “Hurricane Ike Preparations

  1. Please consider leaving- the NOAA site shows a 25-30% probability that it will hit as a CAT 3. Flooding, broken glass, trees crashing through the roof.

    Not fun. Remember Sir Robin lived to hear his ballad completed, however unflattering. Run away

  2. Right now, I’m not in the evacuation area yet. I’m monitoring it closely.

    It’s important that people only leave when it’s their time — otherwise we’ll have another situation like Rita — a traffic jam from Houston to Dallas.

    Don’t worry. I trust our city’ mayor, and am very good about following the rules!

    Also, I’m prepared!

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