A Brief Respite

Early my friend Roberto came over to help a bit with my hurricane preparations.  He brought me a ‘portable pet home’ just in case I need to corral Murphy.  (The crate I have is big enough for Dora — I’ll only have to keep up with Tammy if I need to.)  He also helped me get the yard stuff into the garage.

The local station pre-empted the national news, and so the Palin interview was on at about 6:15.  We watched it.  I first responded to her body language.  She was hunched over at the beginning and became more hunched as the interview went on. Then there was the semi-gotcha question about the Bush doctrine.  Her team should have anticipated that better.  Her responses seemed canned as I expected.  She seemed intense only when she got a little off kilter.  At one point she verged on sarcasm.  Overall, even though she doesn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is, I think she came off as a Bush circa 2000 type politician.

R and I loaded the three inside kittens (they aren’t really kittens, they are actually getting up in years) into two crates. R showed me how to use his cell phone (I’m a luddite when it comes to phones of any kind).  When we took the kittens out to R’s car, Caroline, my precious, started crying.  It was heart breaking.  As her cries grew louder and more plaintive, R asked if I wanted to keep her here.  I said no.  She’ll be safer in a third floor condo if it gets bad — and I have my hands full with the pups and the outside kittens.  I hope she doesn’t cry for the next 24 to 72 hours before I get her back.

Things are quiet here for now.

(p.s. Roberto — if you want to email a post to me, I’ll put it up, k?)


4 responses to “A Brief Respite

  1. Ola! I got the kittehs up to the 3rd floor in one trip! Whew! Them is some hefty critters! Caroline cried all the way to Rice but then got quiet. They are all set up in the middle room (the one with all the guitars etc., so maybe they’ll feel a little at home). Stumpy has been out twice & roamed around & Cisco has been out within the room … Little Precious is still under the couch but they’ve got food & litter & water & lots of comfy places to hide … It’s been a little like watching a farce in a theater, though … where the audience sees one character sneak in from the left as another character sneaks in from the right & then they pass each other but never turn around … Teddy & Stumpy have done that several times … I also got Jojo to the parking garage (surprisingly empty so I had my pick of spots, although it may fill up later) … we passed several gas stations with cones around the pumps to show they were empty and several where the lines of cars were a block long … all very surreal … Houston should be grateful that we’ve got such a great Mayor … it was cool to hear the Mayor Pro Tem speaking Spanish & calling him “Alcalde White” – it sounded really 18th century to me … I have an idea for a post & may try to email it tomorrow … hope the pups are doing okay! And you too!

  2. I don’t like being kitty-less. It’s like missing an arm.

    Stumpy has always liked it there. Cisco is at home anywhere, but precious. She should just stay where she is. My bad. I know she will be perfectly fine, but don’t force her. Let her stay where she finds herself. You can tell her I miss her. I miss her.

    But I know she is safer where she is now. I miss her. We’re ok.

    Strange how not having the inside kitties is around here.

    I’m ready for tomorrow. You guys are, too, right?

  3. Yeah, we’re all ready … it’s funny but with Rita there was so much excitement leading up to it (and not in a good way) … there was me getting let out of work late with only fumes in the gas tank & no filling station at hand & then the abortive horrible trek up to Stafford & then turning around & by the time everyone was back and settled it was time for the storm … this time we’re all set & have a full day to sit and wait … kind of nerve-wracking but I’m doing my best impression of Chuck ‘El Cid’ Heston on the walls of Valencia … (ha ha)

  4. I can’t decide if I should go to bed or stay up for a bit longer. It’s all timing. I want to be up and alert when it comes in.

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