Obama will be on Letterman

It should be interesting.

I’ll try to live blog it — though I didn’t do so well with that on the RNC.

Latest — wingnut freak out over a common analogy.

I only now tuned into the CBS Fashion Rocks — there were maybe twenty female singers singing ‘stand up’.  Can this one act on one network pushback against McCain’s “stand up’?  It’s a possibility!

The last Letterman commercial didn’t included Obama, though it did include the top ten list.


9 responses to “Obama will be on Letterman

  1. McCain does seem awfully old and tired. I think he’s just turned everything over to his admen & probably can’t be bothered to take a look at what he’s supposed “approving”. And you’re right about his need to have Palin by him. On his own it would be a very thin crowd.

  2. Did Obama cancel? He wasn’t in the last two commercials.

    What’s up with that?

  3. I don’t knows … oh, did you see that Prison Break started (on Monday, I think?)

  4. Ola! Check ‘bizibac’ … there’s a new post there (if it’s too long feel free to chop it into installments or whatever) … it’s the one about Chile & 9/11 …

    k, thx, bai

  5. I am officially off Prison Break — unless you can convince me to come back . . .

    I posted your post. It’s very very good — light, but with some punch.

    And it looks like Obama will be on Letterman tonight instead.

  6. Roberto, you might find this link interesting. Do you know who Westbrook Pegler was?

  7. That was interesting (the link, that is). I haven’t heard of Pegler, but the mention of Buchanan sounds right. Buchanan’s a real connoisseur of a lot of those crazy old-time fascists (Father Coughlin etc.).

  8. Isn’t it odd that something like that would show up in her speech?

    I keep thinking — she’s basically my age — what would I have thrown into a speech? Would I have even thrown something like that in?

    She’s off to Alaska and McCain is on his own. I’m curious as to how tomorrow will be handled.

  9. I bet some of it (the curious content of her speech) could be explained by the private world of professional speechwriters. Imagine, your words get spoken in front of large crowds or on tv and are then quoted sometimes over and over again, but you (the speechwriter) can walk down the sidewalk unrecognized, nobody knows your name (unless you become famous/infamous for some specific phrase, like Pat Buchanan (for Agnew), Peggy Noonan (for Reagan & Old Bush), or David Frum (for Juvenile Bush). So there must be a mischievious impulse to sneak little private jokes or really obscure references that your handful of friends might pick up, or another speechwriter who loaned you that book of good quotes to filch from. Remember how embarrassing it was to watch Old Bush hem and haw and squirm whenever anyone asked him ‘what exactly does ‘thousand points of light’ mean?’ If he had been honest he’d have said ‘don’t ask me, I just read the words off the teleprompter’ … anyway, imho?

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