Good bye Tealita

I donated my old Chevy truck to KUHT, the public television station here in Houston. Fun fact, it’s the oldest, i.e. first, public television station.

We bought Tealita because my dad had bought a Chevy S10. She had a lot of problems, but for the majority of the 12+ years, she was a good truck.

The new and the old:

2 responses to “Good bye Tealita

  1. WordPress has made me an idiot. I clealry can’t get with the program enough to publish pictures any more.

    Fuck it for now. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

  2. ? They look okay to me … The one with Gigi in it makes Tealita look like she’s got her lil eyes open!
    She was a great truck with many many fond memories (Cheena fogging up the inside windows, Buddy’s 1st trip to the vet, cut short because he needed his best friend to ride along with him) …

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