Identity Politics, Republican Style

by Roberto

As with their approach to religion, Republicans act as though it is enough
to latch on in their lemming-like way to some figure they admire, and that
alone will transfer that figure’s perceived virtues back to them. They’ve
done it for years with Jesus, bugging everyone in earshot that they
believe, but not noticeably doing any of the things their Lord asked them
to do.

Republicans get all frothy and tumescent whenever a uniform shows up, but
stay put when it’s time to sign up and ship out. And where someone like
John McCain can point to his 5 years in a POW camp as pretty good evidence
that he put his country before himself (illegal war notwithstanding), all
the party faithful have to do is flap those blue “Country First” posters,
as though it means something. Looking at the Republican record, my guess
is that it means:

Country first (but better not raise my taxes to take care of the country’s
business); Country first (but better not ask me to drive less or take
public transportation); Country first (but sure as hell better not ask me
to enlist or make any sacrifice whatsoever).

And then there is the hilarious enthusiasm for Sarah Palin, who is already
providing the soap opera moments every American election needs. At the
RNC, delegates have been falling over themselves to marvel at the obvious.
Governor Palin loves her children! I certainly hope so and I also would
like to know: so what? That they have found a mother who loves their
children is clearly startling enough to them that they have to keep
mentioning it. There is of course the stain of Ronald Reagan (Greatest Man
Who Ever Lived), a fellow so detached and unloving that he couldn’t
recognize his own son in a reception line. The next few days ought to be
sickening in terms of the number of times we get to hear about what a hit
she is among the St. Paul zombies. A woman who neither uses (nor
apparently understands) contraception but who can kill woodland animals
like you wouldn’t believe! Oh, her poor poor family (oh sorry, we’re
supposed to leave them out of this, right?)


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