Giuliani 9/11

He dids it! YaY!


8 responses to “Giuliani 9/11

  1. Guiliani did a good job as attack dog- not as psychotic as Zell Miller, but competent. I suppose he is positioning himself for 2012 or Sec of Homeland Security if McCain pulls it off.

    Palin really couldn’t hold my attention- there was nothing new or inspiring in her speech -she read it like she was maybe over-rehearsed. I went out and played with my outside kitties about halfway through.

    Huckabee was the best speaker by far- he seemed genuine and connected to the speech content and the audience and his delivery and speaking voice are very pleasant. Too bad he’s a flat-earther.

    The Daily Show was great tonight- I’m watching Colbert on TiVo now.

    All the best to you and the fur-persons

  2. I can’t see Guiliani taking a government job unless his speakers tour takes a dive.

    Palin’s speech was a rehersal in my mind. I don’t expect her to say anything much different when she does make the Sunday shows.

    I didn’t like the finger wagging. They should have left that out.

    You are correct about Huckabee — I think he didn’t seem very please with the statements or the reactions of his party. On PBS there was one shot of him that made him seem less than happy with the goings on.

    The Texas delegation shamed me to no end.

    I don’t have cable, so I catch the Daily Show online when I can.

    You know, Roberto was here tonight and wanted to send you a shout back, but I can’t seem to get my computer to forget me and let him talk.

    I think he will comment on your earlier comment later.

    I really appreciate your reading and commenting. You must know that.

    Thanks and Murphy is still a baby — he’s a big boy, but still my baby and doing fine.

    I hope all of your oks are ok, too

  3. Damned at Random

    My old dog died in her sleep in late July. I’m taking it pretty hard, tho it wasn’t unexpected. She was losing her sight and hearing and had some balance problems- she had always been such a life force it was hard to watch her decline. I’m not ready for another dog yet, but I expect someday a stray will wander by and decide to stay. That’s generally how it happens with me.

    Give the dogs a hug for me. You never know how long we get to love them

  4. I’m sorry about your old pup. Reading your comment brought back my memories of when my best friend in the world died. She had the same problems. We even got her a wheelie so she could move around the last few months she was alive. I still miss her.

    You’ll know when the time is right — that pup will show on your doorstep one morning 🙂

    Tammy made it through another chemo treatment today seemingly no worse for wear — she’s playing with your goddog now. Murphy is spoiled rotten, but in a good way. He’s a big lovable baby. Dora’s still cray, but doing a bit better.

    I’m off to deliver the hugs!

  5. I remembered (amazingly) about Obama being on the Oreilly Factor & am recording it …

  6. I read something about Obama admitting that the surge was wildly successful. Let me know if that is accurate, if you can.

  7. Okay! I was an unwitting masochist & had to sit thru little vomits from both Rove & Newt before I quit & let the whole thing record so I could fast forward to Obama … First off, I finally realized who Bill O’Reilly reminds me of: the gay version of Mike Wallace … everytime he tries to be ‘arch’ he comes off as ‘fey’ and since he’s a big guy it’s verrrry verrrry creepy … I thought Obama did fine although O’Reilly’s method is to interrupt & make faces & constantly say things like “but as an American what do you think about [blah]” as though there’s a distinction between Obama the Senator & Obama the American … but he does this to everybody & part of his definition of being an American is that one has to believe we are in a Death Struggle With Terror & Evil etc. … About the surge (or Surge!): Obama said that he thought the Surge had succeeded beyond anybody’s wildest dreams (including Bush & the administration) but largely because of the turnabout by the Sunni tribal types in Anbar Province … O’Reilly kept pressing him to say it was a mistake to vote against the Surge and Obama kept patiently saying that the administration had not reached the original goals (Iraqis standing up, reconciliating with one another etc.) & that the goalposts had been consistently moved … When it came to Iran Obama said that he didn’t want them to get a nuke but that the diplomatic paths, especially involving the Europeans had not yet been exhausted … O’Reilly rolls his eyes & says “diplomacy” like it’s a sissy word … Obama refused to say he’d invade Iran or Pakistan & finally got O’Reilly to shut up by telling him that he didn’t think it was a wise thing for either himself or John McCain to be tipping their hand while they were still running for office … Bottom line: I admire Obama for going into that wingnut rat’s nest but O’Reilly is such a preening megalomaniac that it’s horribly frustrating having to watch him try to trip people up … he thinks he’s far cleverer than he is but is much adored by those who are even less clever … I feel like I need some kind of puppy treat as a reward! ha ha

  8. thank you roberto

    I’m still watching the NcCain thing.

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