Friday Free Blogging

I have several things to write about, but none enough for its own post.

First, a prediction.  I heard David Brooks on All Things Considered on the way home.  He ridiculed Obama’s proposal of a second stimulus, stating that, “the first one was mostly used for online porn subscriptions.”  I wonder if that will come up on The News Hour this evening.  Or will it be his support of John McCain’s “League of Democracies?”  We’ll see here shortly.  He didn’t do either although he did try to equate Obama’s campaign to McCain’s taking the nasty low road this past couple of weeks.

Second, the Democrats successfully kept the Republicans from ramming offshore drilling down everyone’s collect throat.  Personally, if any of the people who think that offshore drilling is safe and will have no effect on their coastline would just come take a look at the upper Texas and Louisiana Gulf coasts, they would understand.  It’s always been embarrassing, ugly and not at all healthy.  That’s just one reason.  The other is that, of course, drilling does not mean “pay less now.”  Gas prices are already going down:

The average price for a gallon of regular self-serve gas in Texas is $3.79 a gallon, down about 13 cents in one week and 20 cents in two weeks.

On the national level, prices fell 13 cents a gallon from just below $4.03 last week to $3.90 a gallon today.

This is from AAA.  I don’t necessarily agree with his conclusion:

“The drop in gasoline prices may be reflecting the more than $20-a-barrel drop in crude oil prices since the first week of July, when they hit a record of $147 a barrel,” said AAA Texas spokesman Dan Ronan. “It often takes a few weeks for retail prices to catch up to what’s happening in the markets, but that seems to be the case now.”

As I noted in an earlier post, the better explanation is that demand is down — people are driving less, maintaining their cars better, and buying more efficient vehicles (like me — my Yaris has been getting a little over 30 mpg).  Driving around today (more on that in a sec), I saw prices from a low of 3.65 to a high of 3.99 along the Southwest Freeway.

Dora’s Anxiety Wrapcame in the mail yesterday.  It’s made in the U.S.A. and comes with complete instructions.  After reading said instructions, I put it on her.  She was ok with the procedure, and as soon as I had it in place, she lay down on the floor and stayed very quiet for the twenty minute stint.  It was like turning a lizard on it back and rubbing its tummy.  She slept soundly last night, never moving from the corner of the bed she had staked out for herself.  It’s a promising development, but I won’t ever let her be around Tammy again.

And to poor Tammy.  She’s had a rough week.  While her appetite has been ok, she hasn’t been too enthusiastic about going outside a second time in the evenings.  The side effects of the chemo showed up more this past week than they had in the first, i.e. excessive panting, drinking lots of water and peeing a lot.  On top of that, there was a problem with the catheter yesterday, so they stopped her chemo treatment and rescheduled her for today.  Well today, her temperature was too high and the vet didn’t want to risk it.  I’m set to watch her even more closely this week and have decided to feed her separately from Murphy.  BTW, Murphy has been great with Tammy.  He gently tries to get her to play, but if she’s not into it, he runs off and plays by himself.  And when he’s tuckered out, he snuggles up near or next to her.

Lastly, Washington Week is as useless as usual, but I’ve gotten to the point that I just treat it like background noise, like radio.  I pay enough attention to laugh at the stupidity, or think of rebuttals, but I don’t expect to hear anything new or insightful anymore.  Mostly I just listen for the jabs.

I hope to get some pics this weekend of all the pups and who knows, maybe some of the kittens!


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