From the McCain Press Briefing Yesterday

Via The Campaign Spot — which is a ‘blog’ on the National Review Online:

The campaign showcased an intriguing chart that compared poll results whan (sic) Americans were asked to describe themselves ideologically and then describe McCain and Obama. McCain’s graph largely matches the public – 17 percent see themselves as “very conservative”, and 17 percent of the public describes themselves the same way, on through “somewhat conservative,” moderate, and liberal.” Obama’s chart is very discordant; very few Americans see him as very conservative, and 55 percent see him as “liberal” – a much higher percentage than the 21 percent of the public that sees themselves as “liberal.”

Taking the few numbers here at face value, it looks like Obama is *doomed* because people don’t think he is like them politically.  However, people see themselves in McCain.  I wonder if the 21% of the self-identified liberals see McCain as liberal. 

This paragraph is what caught my attention:

Perhaps most ominously to those who would prefer a Republican presidential candidate who echoedtalk radio on the issue, illegal immigration, Davis noted that McCain’s history of stands on immigration that caused him such grief in the GOP primaries “may suit to fit him in a general election.”

The reason given for why the Immigration bill failed was the public outcry and — according to some politicians — the influence of talk radio.  I thought it was ridiculous at the time.  Just as talk radio failed to derail McCain nomination, they failed on global warming and they failed with Obama’s nomination.  Why ascribe their advocacy any power whatsoever?  Republican politicians lost their nerve over a handfull of blowhards and their cranky listeners.


5 responses to “From the McCain Press Briefing Yesterday

  1. Weird math & strange conclusions but then National Review has always trafficked in cooked statistics and made-up factoids. If, according to their breakdown, most Americans fall somewhere in the middle (moderate or centrist or whatever) than the choice in November still favors Obama. After all, the entire country has been subjected to 8 years of the conservative/somewhat conservative sewage and is desperate for a change.
    I agree about the impotence and irrelevance of talk radio. However, pundits & pols & writers on that end of the spectrum can never admit that talk radio no longer matters because it’s about the only venue left to them when they need to hawk their latest Regnery-published screed.

  2. Actually, the numbers came from the McCain camp — NRO just dutifully passed them along — unchallenged.

    Good point about book promotions. The only place I heard Gov. Perry interviewed about his Boy Scout book was on wingnut radio.

  3. Hi goodtime — thanks for stopping by. This is Obama country. You are welcome here.

  4. Oh, and goodtime, is this you over at Jake Tapper’s blog?

    Posted by: Good Times | Jun 14, 2008 2:33:01 PM

    If so, let me know, ok?

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