Joe Horn’s Case Will Go the the Grand Jury Next Month

It’s been quite a wait.  The Chronicle only has a very short article up.  It confirms that Horn shot both suspects in the back.  The D.A.’s office is not saying what their recommendation will be.  It seems to me that there is no question about whether or not Horn shot the men — it’ just whether or not the shooting was illegal.  I would think that given this could fall under the new so called Castle Doctrine passed last September, it should go to court.

The comment section under the article is fairly typical. And with the understanding that they are just comments on the internets — I think either way this goes, it has the potential to be extremely problematic to say the least.  Complicating the situation further are both the recently racially based scandal at the Harris County D.A.’s office and the grand jury issues involving a Texas Supreme Court judge possibly (or his wife) charges of arson.

My first post on the Joe Horn incident.


The always lovely Jim Sachsen of Stormfront (with added racist comment — for flavor, I guess.)

Kick! —  a blog I found recently and am getting to know.  So far so good.

And lastly the Farmers Branch haters are already on it.


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