Glaringly White Woman

discovers Malcolm.  As a Spike Lee fan, I think it’s just sad 😦

Lee’s film about Malcolm was masterful.  From the way that he made Malcolm bigger than the furniture in the room to the way he directed Denzel (another fav of mine) — it was the best movie about an American that I have ever seen.  I don’t apologize.  If this stuff is new to Kathleen, someone who wants to tell BLACKS how to live their lives, then what else do I need to say?  Seriously, she is seeking out BLACK Americans who disagree with Obama.  She is seeking out BLACKS who are conservative.

I just wish she would be honest with herself.  I just wish she would tell me how many BLACKS have Republicans elected — or even put up for election.  I wish she would explain why Republicans ran who they did against Obama for Senator.

Kathleen is a typical Republican.  She’s got the handful of issues — same ones — but she seems to want to draw BLACK Americans into the Republican party.  She doesn’t seem to understand that dissing them won’t work.

Kathleen, you are a WHITE woman.  Your opinion on the BLACK community is not really wanted, k?  Take care of your own poor and uneducated, K?

It’s almost unbearable at this point — her stupidity.



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