Kathleen Should be Ashamed

From her blog:

I remember having conversations 25 yrs ago regarding China’s one child policy. I would tell people that China forced women to have abortions if they already had one child. I would tell them that at work women were required to keep charts on the wall of their menstrual cycles and prove their periods. It was the stuff of sci-fi nightmares and people generally thought I was just going off on my usual pro-life rants.

The same thing happened when I discussed partial birth abortions back then. No one even believed me on that one either. They believe me now, but now it seems we hardly horrified by anything anymore.
Of course people are going to focus on that.  The better explanation is construction.   As I commented on her blog (though she won’t publish it).  It’s not about abortion, but construction.  Mexico City went through the same thing.  Mexico City changed how they build and now, hopefully the Chinese will.  Had the Chinese learned from the Mexicans, lives would have been saved.  It’s not about how many children someone can have.
To quote Kathleen:  good grief, my friend.

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