A Few Things

The Houston Have Your Say Program continues both at the website’s blog and on the chron blogs, Kuff, Ree-C and the Immigration blog.  There was more discussion last night after the televised part which sounded much more hopeful.

Tonight on Red, White and Blue, David Boren is the guest.  He’s got a new book out and recently announced that he is backing Barack Obama.  I heard Gary Polland, one of the hosts of RW&B this evening on KSEV.  David was criticizing Boren for wanting to bring America together but endorcing Obama, whome he characterized as not reaching across the aisle.  We’ll see if he brings that up on the program.

Later, Bill Moyers will have his interview with the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD or so you might think if you listen to people who think they know more than voters.

Later on the blog, I will attempt to finally get a post by robin up.  It’s been a struggle but worth it.  The topic is terrorism.

My connection is crap tonight.  I didn’t get all the links in.  I’m going to try to fix it. 

I don’t know if I’ve got it fixed, but I will go with it.

Rev. Wright is on now.  His service is impressive.  I would put it up against any republican.  He is a man after my own heart.  That the journalist in this election cycle have used him against Obama is craven and just wrong.  For someone like Kathleen to call him hateful and racist is very wrong.  For Bill Bennett to promote his radio program at this man’s expense is wrong.  Fat old Bill Bennett is only hanging onto his past positions to gain a hold in the new wingnut atmosphere.  Sure he gets on tv, but that is the point.  Why?  What does he know that I don’t at this point?  He is only for promoting himself.

This is a very good interview.  I cannot see how it could hurt Obama.  But the Washington Weekly crowd disagrees, as does Bennett, Hannity, Limbaugh and Gallagher.  I’m on the right side of this.

This is the right thing for him to do.

Gary didn’t bring up his point about Obama or Boren’s endorsement at all.  So that means he was just playing to the audience.

I’m getting really tired of this. 


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