Houston Have Your Say

is on PBS tonight.  It’s a new ‘townhall meeting’ program.  Let’s see how it works out.

Dan Patrick is there.  Boo.  “The people who come here illegally are losers.”  He states that we are all losers.  Patrick the nativist is the most negative speaker so far.

The Texas Boarder Watch guy is the second most negative.  He’s watched these immigrants all live in one cheap apartment.  Their cost of living is almost nothing!

A second Boarder watch guy — amnesty!11111!!!!1  “We have to get a solution or this country will crumble!” 

Oh great, failed businessman and mayoral candidate Orlando Sanchez is on.

Overall, this is very interesting.  There have been many different opinions and it has all been weighted fairly, IMHO except that there were not Democratic politicians on hand (Garnet Coleman, Jessica Farrar?).

FREAKING MICHAEL BERRY.  I question his handle on the English language . . .

Back to Dan Patrick: “We’re encouraging people to come here.”  Dan sez, “I serve on Education!  Professor, you are wrong!”  “We’re going to have an emslaved culture . . .”  Dan gets smacked back.

Honestly, the anti-immigration speakers really do come off badly, especially the ‘fense first’ types.

Dan Patrick again.  He gets called out as a scapegoat and he fights it, but not successfully.

There are people in the audience fighting back.  Good for them and good for PBS for showing them.

Dan Patrick again.  YaY! Out of time. 

Here’s the link to the site.

I don’t think anything was resolved and I wonder why there were no Democratic politicians there. 

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