The answer to white poverty

Sorry, I just had to rip that off from my favorite wingnut, Kathleen.

She put up a post, leeching off another, as she does often, (and I am here) about poverty in the black community.  Numerically, it has always been the case that whites have a significantly larger number of their own in poverty, but wealthy whites see those poor whites as potential voters (affirmative action is taking money and jobs from you, so vote for me!) or too insignificant a number to be bothered with (white trash is to be expected).

Kathleen, and the writer she points to, have a benevolent view toward African-Americans.  It’s so patronizing as to be nauseating.  Just look at what she read, linked to, and got on memeorandum and weep.  Kathleen McKinley, a whiter than white white person (who mysteriously claims that her in-laws are Italian) will tell all black folks how to pull themselves out of poverty.

Some numbers:

Total number of people in poverty (by government standards):

1. White only= 237,619

2. Black only = 37,306

3. Asian only = 13,177

4. Hispanic (of any race)  = 44,784

Wow!  Not really.  The majority of poor people are white.  Elite whites like Kathleen don’t care about them.  She’d much rather tell Black Americans what to do.  Should white people do as she suggests, i.e. “Marry the mother of your children and stay married.”  Would that help reduce the number of poor white people?

Some more numbers (from the same source — the government):

The percentage of those in poverty who live at 600% of poverty:

White only: 186,935, 78.5%

Black only: 33,627, 90.1%

Asian only: 9,590, 72.8%

Hispanic (all races):  41,523, 92.7%

We, our country, are failing all of them.  Bill Bennett wants to know who the “they” is in sermons that are essentially accurate.  Bennett, it is you, and Kathleen, and people like you who ignore the greater whole of us, our country.

Tend to your white folk before you shake your finger at the black community.  It’s the way you point your finger that makes you racist.  Bennett claims that his wife works 80 hours a week trying to get blacks to practice abstinence.   Shouldn’t she spend all those hours (if possible) to talk to white kids?   She talks to all kids?  Ok.  Her husband has claimed on his show that it’s a black problem.  Ok.

Look at the numbers.  Why should anyone take a wealthy whites’ view of the solution to poverty seriously?  I think it’s in the Bible.  Something about throwing stones . . .

Something new.

It’s time.

Obama ’08

Update:  I forgot to note that those numbers are in thousands.  I found another source, American Factfinder.  Here’s the basic info from that site:

People below poverty level:

White only  17,890,083

Black only   8,968,940

Asian only  1,381,226

Hispanic (any race)  9,293,416

My point is still the same — almost twice as many whites live in poverty as blacks.


11 responses to “The answer to white poverty

  1. I’m no statistics whiz, but aggregate numbers in this instance are far less relevant than percentages. Of course, there are more poor whites than poor blacks, because whites hugely outnumber blacks generally.

    However, the percentage of whites below 100% poverty is 10. The percentage of blacks below 100% poverty is 24 – almost 2 1/2 times higher than whites (or Asians) and more than Hispanics (20).

    So, what’s the beef? Clearly, poverty is largely (though, not exclusively) an urban problem. And blacks are disproportionately represented in urban areas. Blacks suffer from poverty more than whites in this country. Period. Denying this problem isn’t going to make it go away. (And neither is more government welfare – arguably a large part of the problem.)

  2. The problem I have is with some cranky few in the white community telling black community that the solution to their community’s poverty problem is simply to get and stay married. It’s far more complicated than that.

    Brutal poverty exists both in urban areas and in rural areas; it’s combination of local economic factors, politics, lack of resources, and so on.

    I don’t think anything in my post indicated that advocate denying there is a problem. I was actually pointing out that it was more than just a problem in the black community.

    Lastly, I find it troubling that in the 21st Century, in this country that anyone of any ethnicity (or political persuation) is living in poverty, especially children.

    Oh, and you can assert that government welfare is a large part of the problem, but that’s quite different from making the argument 😉

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sorry about you comment getting hung up in moderation. That usually doesn’t happen, even with new commenters.

  4. I’m sure you hate his guts, but Newt Gingrich delivered an excellent speech recently at the American Enterprise Institute. I think you can still find it on

    He argues that this country’s problems (poverty and others) are problems of bad culture reinforced by bad bureaucracy (government).

    I don’t have the time or energy right now to make the argument here, but if you’ve got the time and interest, I think Newt’s right on.

    God Bless

  5. Thanks, for commenting again Jim. I read about the Gingrich speech. I find it amusing that he titled it “The Obama Challenge.” He was out with his book late last year claiming that he had been talking about change long before Obama had. It reminded me of how talk radio hosts always claim to have been the orginators of ideas.

    I’m curious what you mean by ‘bad culture.’ I’m fairly sure Gingrich didn’t use that term. What for you is ‘bad culture’? Also, do you equate all government with ‘bad bureaucracy’?

    Lastly, so if I listen to Gingrich, then I can pretty much assume your views? That makes things much easier for me if it is the case.

    Oh, and I don’t hate anyone. Never have. Do you?

    Sorry to have put upon you by asking for your own argument. I’ll try to refrain in the future.

    Take care

  6. Yes, Gingrich did use the term, “bad culture”. I believe the culture Newt is referring to (I didn’t get to hear the entirety of the speech) is one of dependence, sloth, ignorance and vulgarity. A culture that demands it’s government do things which responsible adults do for themselves. A culture that is lazy; that watches too much TV, surfs too much internet, plays too many video games, and reads far too little. A culture that esteems stupidity. I could cite the Chris Rock routine on books and kryptonite, but the problem transcends race. A culture that revels in all kinds of vulgarity. A culture that swims in pornography. A culture that watches movies like “Saw” and “Hostel” without batting an eye.

    I believe government perpetuates this culture with a bloated educations system that caters to the lowest common denominator. I believe government perpetuates this culture by removing negative consequences from negative behavior. I believe government perpetuates this culture by refusing to deal swiftly and justly with its criminal element.

    But, I also believe a people gets the government it deserves. I don’t believe our government imposes on its people anything it doesn’t really want. So, while I think government can make certain changes to stimulate positive cultural change, I think something ultimately has to happen in our collective soul.

    Oh yeah… lighten up! 🙂

  7. mmk.

    Here’s a little article for you to evaluate in terms of culture.

    There are a couple of local debates on tv this evening, so a further response on my part will have to wait.

    Sorry about that.

  8. I would also suggest you look at all of the Americans, of different ethnicities, who serve abroad, trying desperately to help others. I’m watching the reports of ones now.

    Perhaps you and Newt could learn a bit by taking your blinders off.

    You think I should lighten up. Life is not a game. I’ll treat it with the respect it deserves. You can stay in your cubby hole launching grenades. It’s not a useful way to act. Or haven’t you figured that out?

  9. Yeah, you’re right – polygamist Mormons pose a threat to our culture commensurate with pornography, dependence, willful ignorance, etc. Sigh… This logic and that displayed with your poor (dishonest?) use of statistics above expose an inability or unwillingness to see the world as it is, and not as your leftist paradigm dictates it ought to be.

    To point out examples of particular individuals or groups “serving abroad” proves nothing. To argue that one’s culture is “bad” is not to say NO ONE within it does anything good.

    And no, life is not a game. However, you’ve treated me uncivilly from the get-go. (Fortunately, I’m an adult and don’t really care what you think about me.) What do you plan to accomplish with this kind of tack? Do you really expect to persuade someone like me with your silly jibes and defensiveness?

    Seriously, lighten up. It is wise to be “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing”. (II Cor. 6:10)

    God Bless & Good Luck

  10. It’s surprising (telling?) that what you took from that article was ‘polygamy’ and ‘Mormons’ when it was actually about allegations of statutory rape and CPS taking almost 50 children into protective custody.

    I see the world just fine, thank you. I’d guess that I have seen quite a bit more of it than you have. I don’t see American culture as bad at all. You can focus on the negative or the positive. I choose to focus on the positive.

    I’m sorry that I have hurt your feelings with anything I have written. I’m not here to persuade you in any manner. Remember, you decided to comment here. I didn’t force you. And you are free to stop anytime you feel like it.

    Oh, and you’ve got a major case of projection. Perhaps you should have a look at it.

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