Can We Talk About This?

I hadn’t heard about this case until a caller on Mike Gallagher’s show brought it up this morning.  Last December 19th, a woman in Arlington, Texas beat another woman with a 2×4.  A few days later, “KILL” and “DIE NI*****” were spray painted in bright red letter’s on the garage door of the woman who got beaten.  The aggressor, Grace Head, is 66 years old and has been charged with assault and it was upgraded to a hate crime.  Littlejohn’s fiance stated that Head said this during her attack:

‘You didn’t get the picture? You didn’t get the hint? You know, we’re not going to let you so-and-so’s move in here.’

On the other and, Michelle Malkin has a post up about another crime.  Five juveniles were found guilty of assault and other charges.  From a Baltimore Sun article:

Defense attorneys argued that Kreager’s left eye was already bruised when she boarded the bus and that when the students began snickering at her, Kreager’s boyfriend, Troy Ennis, ordered her “to spit on them [racial slur].”

But prosecutors said the youths attacked Kreager, who is white, after her boyfriend accused one of them of immaturity for refusing to relinquish an empty seat.

Malkin’s first commenter (comments on her blog are moderated):

Black racism at its finest.

Hey Obama – are these “typical black people”?

So, we have a 66 year old woman who should have known better vs. some teenagers who were possibly baited.  Is there racism here?  Can we talk about it?

ADDED:  I purposefully trackbacked to Malkin, but she won’t have it.  I think that shows her inability to talk about race in this country.  It’s a debate that she ignores.  I’ll try again.  Oh, and the last time I heard her on the radio, she had a crappy connection.  Should I judge her on that?

Added: Nothing. No discussion. nothing.  She has no trackbacks not even mine.  I guess I don’t count.


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