Michael Berry Making Sense?

I decided to listen to Berry again tonight after he got his ass handed to him yesterday evening.  (He screwed up and said something that no fewer than three callers called him on — by the time the third one came on, telling him to go listen to himself, Berry stomped his little feet and said, ‘not gonna do it!’  Then he let his last caller before the basketball game blather on and on about all the crazy things the chain emailers circulate among themselves about Obama.  Typical.)  But this evening has been a bit different — just a bit.

First, he actually made a point that Republicans who cross-over and vote in the Democratic primaries are giving up their opportunity to vote in important races like those for county judge and district attorney here in Harris County.  (I would add TX-22.)  The D.A. and TX-22 will no doubt go to a run-off.  Those who didn’t vote in the March 4th primary will not be able to vote in the run-off.

(Some years back, there was a run-off for a Democratic place on the ballot for a local congressional district.  One candidate was seen as more ‘conservative’ than the other, the Republicans hadn’t fielded a candidate, and in the Democratic run-off, Republicans tried to come in and vote.  Boy were they mad — screaming about their ‘voting rights’ and whatnot.  They simply didn’t understand the system.)

Also, he just had Judge Lykos on.  She’s said much what I’ve heard her say before.  Berry actually asked some good questions, particulary about discovery rules.  Lykos was able to explain that, unlike Berry has suggested in his question, turning over redacted copies of offense reports to the defense will lead to more plea bargains, not few convictions.

Now he’s got Kelly Siegler on.  Good thing I put the question mark up there.  Berry just let her ramble on and only asked a couple of questions.  One thing, though, Siegler has done this twice now: one on the radio just now and before on the KHOU debate — that being claim that another candidate has stolen her ideas.  I’m going to have to send an email to check this out.  We’ll see if I get a response before next Tuesday.

He’s going to have three of the TX-22 people on.  It’s on now — he’s asking lots of questions in the first one.


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