I get these campaign thingies . . .

in the mail just about every day.  A good number of them are for people running for district courts in Harris County.  I guess they make people a little more familiar with the candidates’ names, but I don’t pay much attention to them.  Except for the one I got today.

The glossy 4 page campaign ad I got today was from Jose Medrano.  Who is Jose Medrano?  He’s a Democrat, running against incumbent Jessica Farrar, the Texas State Representative for District 148 — my district.

I’m extremely happy with Jessica Farrar.  While I have lived in this district, she has worked hard to protect the property owners who would be affected by  the proposed expansion of I45, has been a formidable foe against Dan Patrick on women’s health issues, and been a voice of reason wrt immigration and voting rights.  She score 100% on my personal ‘how is your State Rep. doing for you’ scale.  In other words, I want her to stay where she is and keep doing what she’s been doing.

So why would someone think he could do better than Rep. Farrar?  Let’s look at that pretty ad I got in my mailbox.

It is cheerful, yet serious.  The ad relates, in the candidate’s words, his path to this point, including internships with Garnet Coleman (who was my rep until I bought a house) and Jessica Farrar.  Medrano states:

Both, Representative Coleman and Representative Farrar knew my story and my teenage mistake, but it didn’t make a difference to them.  They saw that I had turned that moment into a success story.

It all sounds good, right?  Except that there is on little hitch.  Medrano is running against Farrar.  From his ad, again in his words:

I’m asking you to join me in changing the status quo.  It’s a new course and with your vote and your support, we can start building a new Texas.  There was a time when elected officials focused on policy and not theatricalpolitics.  Many of today’s politicians care more about fighting amongst each other than taking care of the needs of Texas families.  It’s time to stop putting political drama above matters important for a prosperous Texas.  The issues facing Texas families today (snip) need independent leadership to overcome the theatrical politics and finger pointing in Austin.  (my italics)

I see.  From what I have read, Speaker Craddick and/or his allies in the Texas House (sure one is Dem.) have a something to do with this.

(links later) 


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