Retarded Chris Baker

Update on Baker’s status here.

Chris Baker got a job.  You might remember that he was once on local Houston radio stations KPRC and KTRH (though all trace of his presence has been eliminated).  He was the guy who liked to repeat the word ‘retarded’ as many times as he could during the Center for the Mentally Retarded battle with the city over real estate.  He was also the one who asked an official from Homeland Security why he and his militia buddies couldn’t go down to the Texas border and start killing people.  And he also had Tom Delay on for an interview in which they snickered about how many women Tom had bagged when he was in congress.  Real classy guy.

Well, now Minneapolis is stuck with him.  He’s once again got a web page where he links to World Nut Daily and gives his supposed audience reading assignments.  He’s basically another unhappy Republican who finds that he needs to call himself a conservative/libertarian.  And poor baby wanted to vote for Fred Thompson, like Kathleen.

I am so glad he is gone from the Houston airwaves.  I’d be curious to see how long he lasts in Minneapolis.

15 responses to “Retarded Chris Baker

  1. Your comments about Chris Baker, while your OPINION, are plainly and simply FALSE. Did you ever listen to the show? He did none of the things you claim. Don’t let reality come between you and your silly vitriol.

    By the way, you should check out WorldNetDaily. You might learn something.

  2. Dude, you can ask Baker himself. Follow the link to his web page at his new job and write him an email. He won’t deny any of it. He’s actually proud of having said those things.

    Oh, and WorldNutDaily is an unsourced electronic gossip rag.

    Enjoy your delusion 😉

  3. Ha ha. MINNEAPOLIS has him now. So who’re the retards??? The guy is a ‘tard no matter what his political affiliation. And frankly, you guys are ‘tards worrying about it. In fact, I must be retarded too. Ha, we’re all retarded.

  4. Thanks for commenting, jc. Now crawl back under that rock, k?

  5. Baker is back in Houston!!! YESS!! Missed him he is great!

  6. Wonderful, palo. Thanks for lowering the IQ of my blog and Houston with one little comment.

    And by the way, he won’t be back in Houston — Michael Berry is just piping in his dribble from Minnesota.

  7. It’s drivel, Baker’s great, and checkout

  8. No, thanks.

    Baker isn’t great. He’s a loonatic who wants to shoot people.

  9. Not sure he is a loonatic, if so I could dismiss him easier. And yes it was hard not to say it just might be a loonatic your lookin’ for.

    I used to listen to him, he was occasionally funny being a former stand-up comedian and he would from time to time bring in comics playing the Houston scene and that was really good.

    But he got mean and nasty, when he would crack a joke, then make some ultri-right wing comment that I thought he barely understood I was alright with it. It was just him being a braying jackass.. but it became alot less with the jokes and alot more with the hee-haw hee-haw.

    I was glad he left, now that he is back.. I am glad I no longer listen to the station he will be on.

  10. haha

    I call him a loonitic because he honestly asked a rep from homeland security if it would be a good idea for him and his “thousands” of email friends to go down to the border and shoot people.

    Maybe you missed that show.

    I called in one time when he was going on about voter ID’s and saying that having a Texas driver’s license proved you were a citizen. I was on hold for more than an hour, then got on air told him what he had been saying for the past two hours wasn’t the case and he immediately changed the subject.

    That’s how talk radio works. But Baker is toxic.

    When he was actually here in Houston, he would raise a stink about things that were good plans but didn’t fit with his weird libertarian ideology.

    Now that he’s not local, but pretends to be, he is just so much noise — also typical of talk radio.

  11. I did miss that show for sure, not that it really suprises me, I might have just chalked it up to one of his ‘Let me make a right wing jackass comment trying to be funny’ moments.

    I’m not defending him by any stretch. I am sorry to hear he is coming back to this radio market, but at least glad I no longer listen to that station (except when they broadcst sports games).

    I also really thought it was dishonest of him to try and decry his political neutrality. At least have the chutzpah to admit what your touting!

    Anyway keep up the good work. I got you bookmarked so will be following your blog now!

  12. Thanks, Mike! Things will be a little different around here starting tomorrow. I’ll be out of town and as I’m not taking my laptop, I’m not sure if I will get a chance to post at all. A friend will be posting here in my place.

    I know Baker thinks he is funny and that at least his core audience agrees, but there is a small kernal of truth to his wishing — though I doubt he has the nerve to act on his fantasies.

    I agree with you about how he handles his politics. Now I think he is trying to be a little “l” libertarian. Who knows, though?

  13. Yes my brother is retarded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Finally after a few years he’s OUT of Minnesota. Baker was one of the worst radio announcer’s we’ve had up here. Just imagine a guy on the Mn Viking’s radio station talking about the Cowboys all the time. WTF. Quite possibly one of the most offensive people Ive ever heard; he’s insult the local culture constantly, about things he never understood. This guy was a first-class d-bag.

    Good Riddance.

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