Calling John Cornyn

While Cornyn’s ‘Sense of the Senate’ resolution focused on the good General Petraeus for the most part, it did include this wording:

It is the sense of the Senate

to strongly condemn any effort to attack the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all members of the United States Armed Forces;

It’s time to amend that resolution.  As it stands, it specifically names  Rush Limbaugh should be added by name.  At least the ad criticised and questioned good General Petraeus based on facts (or rather his lack of transparency in handling the facts).  Limbaugh smears those serving with the same broad brush that is far too commonly used by undying endless war supporters in attempting to silence anyone who disagrees with their view.

All the details at Media Matters.

via Think Progress


2 responses to “Calling John Cornyn

  1. Ola! I checked out the gmail & wordpress info & all passwords are working! YaY! I’ll be able to spend more time actually gettin’ up & runnin’ tomorrow night (although I’m sure I’ll need plenty of ayuda) … I read the El Pais article & 2 other related ones in other Spanish papers, including a cool one out of Barcelona … I went back to google (the google, I mean) & did the “translate this page” thing to make sure I wasn’t too far off the mark but honestly, I could have done a better job translating off the top of my cabeza! Babelfish! I can has? What was most interesting to me was this Spanish ambassador to the US, Javier Ruperez, who sounds pretty impressive. At one point he’s translating Bush’s “English” to Aznar, & the next he’s translating Silvio Berlusconi’s eye-talian to Condi. The comments of Spaniards which were attached to the various newspaper sites were also pretty interesting, & I may try & say a few things about that. To me though, the creepiest part was Bush apparently used the offices of the State Dept. as well as the US delegation to the UN to inform the representatives of, specifically, Mexico, Chile, Angola & Cameroon, all of whom were rotating on and off the Security Council, that their votes regarding Iraq would be seen as a test of their friendship with the US/Bush and that there would be consequences if they voted the wrong way. Overall, Aznar comes off as a decent enough guy, but he sounds worried the whole time, like a teenager trying to talk his drunk buddy out of playing chicken with a freight train.

  2. YaY Roberto!

    Remember, this is the internets and you can’t sit on something too terribly long — but hey, do your own thang 🙂

    I can clean up any problems with your post. Just try it! I’ll be online tomorrow night and can help you. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy.

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