Immigration — KTRH style

KTRH is a very old station here in Houston.  It’s coming up on its 78th anniversary.   I’ve listened to it for years — for news, weather, sports, and alerts.  It’s changed a great deal this year.  Now it hosts Rush, Hannity, and who knows, maybe Savage before long. 

Currently they have one reporter — Scott something —  and Chris Baker working the immigration front.  Tuesday they were all over a *story* about a supposed idea of setting up a Day Labor site — to get both those who want to work and those who need workers off the street corners — connected with the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce.  They later attacked the president,  Tomlison, and she held her own with them.  As is typical with Baker interviews, her laughed at her.

Baker is a hypocrite.  Let me explan:

Group X is by definition breaking U.S. law.  Group X includes Subgroups Y and Z.  Subroup Y includes those breaking criminal laws — smugglers, theives, gang members and the like — and is very small.   Subgroup Z includes those who are breaking civil laws and makes up the vast majority of Group X. 

Subgroup Y exploits subgroup Z to get subgroup Z into the U.S.  A third group, let’s call them C, also exploits subgroup Z.  Group C is made up of two subgroups.  One subgroup is business owners and companies who hire subgroup Z, pay them much less than minimum wage, occasionally don’t pay them at all, and clearly don’t give them any type of medical benefits.  The other subgroup is the screamers.  That’s Baker’s group.  It’s also the group that screams the most about building a wall along the border, sunk the Immigration bill and advocates killing.  (More on that second point in another post.)

Back to Baker’s show on Tuesday.  He starts off with this:

How would you like to have a Day Labor/criminal alien work center in your neighborhood?  That’s what I’m calling it.  The criminal alien work center.  Part of a criminal alien enablement (?) sydrome that runs rampid in our fair city and our county.

So, by criminal alien, is Baker refering to Group X?  Or is he refering to subgroup Y or Z?  He continues [I’m purposefully leaving out the names in this part — I refuse to exploit the situation like Baker does]:

By the way, I’d like to point out that {suspect’s name} criminal alien over the weekend is the suspect,  I’ll use this term, in the death of a family as they were driving down Interstate 10.  What a fine man this was.  Remember everybody, it’s only racism.  I mean, I’m just a racist, a hatemongerer whenever I bring this up.  But a criminal alien allegedly (said with the thickest of sarcasm) killed a family. {Baker then names them.}  Bail was set at $30K for each person.  At $90K this varmint can basically jump right back across the border from where he came.

Baker then brings in Scott to report on the day labor center.  Scott talks and Baker mummbles and echos him while Scott is talking.  Finally, before the break, Baker goes off on a major rant, claiming that blood is on the city’s hands and screaming “Shame!  Shame!”

Baker and Scott then “interview” the president of the chamber of commerce.  Baker repeatedly calls the day laborers — the people looking for work — bums.  And when she won’t say what he wants her to, Baker laughs at her.   Both Scott and Chris keep trying.  She stands up to them rather well.  Baker wraps up the interview with, “I’m stunned” and links the interview back to “how many people have to die before this city and county wake up?”

I missed the next segment because I was talking on the phone, but when I hung up, I heard this from Baker:

Until we have political leardership that is willing to sack up and enforce the law.  That’s all really anybody asks.  No one’s against immigration.  No one want . . . and you know what here’s the other side of it which I’m the only guy who even brings it up is that the way that these people are treated, these criminal aliens, the way they’re treated by the unscrupulous employers, by smugglers and all the other uhhh people who take advantage of these people. Not even to mention politicians.  But I’m the only guy that brings it up.  And I’m the racist.  I’m the hatemongerer.

This is the way Baker always tries to cya.  He brings it up.  But that’s all he does.  And in the next breath, he lumps the two groups back together again.

Related link (pdf)to a special report — which shows — surprise!  Latino immigrants represent very little of the crime commited in this country.


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