The headline of the Chron article is:  ‘Nothing’ prods oil to record $78 a barrel 

Not hurricanes

Not Nigeria, China, India, Iraq or any other country

Not refineries off-line

“Nothing,” is what one economist said.

Speculators, says the resporter.

 “Same-old same-old,” stated one analyst.

High demand, a construction worker kidnapped in Nigeria, and an inventory report due are all tossed out.

Oh, and this:

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, drew a connection Tuesday between rising oil prices and the energy priorities of the House Democrats, who are putting the final touches on an energy bill:

“It’s ironic that the price of oil would hit a new high in the very same week Democrats intend to make far less of it available for production in America,” Boehner said.

I guess people who work in the industry are influence telepathically by what the Democrats are doing and what the Republicans, specifically Boehner, are thinking.  Otherwise, how does one explain that the industry that almost always has an excuse didn’t point to that?


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