Puppy Girls’ Super-Duper Excellent Adventure

Today was the first day of my vacation.  Our game plan for the morning was an excellent adventure to the dog wash, and then a visit to mom’s house.  The puppy girls had never been to one before, nor had they been to mom’s.  We woke up early and got everything together.  I cleaned up the truck, ran to the store to get pup shampoo, came back, put their harness collars on the puppy girls, and packed them into the truck.  Dora sat in the front with her seat-belt, and Tammy rode in the back.  (She wouldn’t jump in so I had to lift her — 50 lbs. -ugh.)   We got on the freeway easily, but there was a lot of traffic.   Once the traffic broke up and I got up to about 55 mph, the truck started to shake.  It’s happened before.  I knew it was one of the tires — the back driver’s side to be exact.  I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it to an exit.  As is always the case, when you really need to get over, there are at least three or four poky drivers in the right lane completely unwilling to let you over.  We made it to the exit, but of course, there was construction and the entrances to the parking lot were blocked off — oh, and everyone on the feeder was driving faster than anyone on the freeway . . .

Finally, I found an entrance and pulled into a parking spot.   As I had thought, it was the left rear tire.  The tread had split apart.  I found a phone and called AAA.  After that, I called my mom to see if she could look up a tire place nearby, since AAA charges after the first three miles of a tow.   [Why didn’t I just change the tire?  Because I am lazy.  Really.  My rim on my spare is bent (has been for 10 years) and the spare loses air.  This vacation I will buy a new rim.  Really.]  While my mom was looking for her phone books, the tow truck came.  I hung up the phone and ran back to the truck.  Tammy had somehow squeezed herself through the window between the cab and the camper and was sitting behind the steering wheel.  The tow truck driver said there was a tire place right around the corner, and that he would follow me there just in case the tire gave out, and then honk when I was there. 

I had to fight back both Tammy and Dora when I opened the door.  I could barely shift gears with both of those stinky girls panting in my face.  Bad puppy girls.  We made it across the parking lot and managed a tricky left turn out onto the street.  Just a few hundred feet away, the tow truck driver honked and there was Galvan Tires.  YaY!  I bought a new tire and one very nice guy changed it while another guy patted the stinky girls through the window.  The tire store dog came over and let me pet him.  He was a black and white version of Tammy.

We went back to the parking lot, so I could call my mom back.  Worried about the part of town I was in, my mom had sent my sister out to the rescue when she discovered I had hung up.  I put Tammy back in the camper — again she wouldn’t jump — ugh again.  We were back on the road by 11:00.   Dora had fallen asleep by the time we found the dog wash — right where my sister had said it would be.  I was in the process of buying tokens when she pulled up to help.  YaY!  I hadn’t expected her, so it was a great surprise.

The dog wash is very cool.  It’s another one of those things I wish I had thought of.  It’s part of a self service car wash.  The dog part is a smallish spot with a cast iron latching gate.  There’s a ramp that leads up to a 4’x4′ stainless steel tub about 6″ deep.  Dora didn’t like the ramp, but I pushed her up it anyway and tired her leash to the eye hook in the wall.  The water was just the right temperature.  She had a soothing organic herbal flea shampoo, followed by a conditioner, rinse and blow dry.  She didn’t like the blow dry.  She shook herself off twice — soaking my sister and me in the process.  Tammy was up next.  She didn’t like the ramp either, and really didn’t like the water.  She got the same shampoo and conditioner, but rinsing her took a lot longer since her fur is so thick.  It was coming out in clumps.  At least Tammy waited until she was back out in the parking lot before she shook off.

We drove over to my mom’s house.  When Dora got out, my sister was sure that Dora could smell their rabbits.  Tammy was a little scared of my mom at first, but then she got caught up in the new place and happily let my mom pet her.  We took them for a little walk and then had lunch.  By the time we left, the puppy girls were pooped.  The slept until just a bit ago.  They’re back in the house now, resting peacefully.  They are both sweet smelling and their coats are very soft.

And that was just the first half of my first day of vacation 😉


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