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Back when I first started writing this blog, there was a little dust-up about flu shots at voting locations.  The guy who wrote the article about it at the Chronicle, Matt Stiles, stated that bloggers had complained that the city should not let a nonprofit provide the flu shots.  (In that link, Rorschach is sticking his nose into Houston city politics, without a clue, per usual.)  I wrote to Matt, asking who the bloggers were.  One was my now blog friend, Jason.  The other was this guy.  He goes by Rorschach.  He lives in Katy, but politics are so boring out there that he feels compelled to stir up Houston politics.  Like Pavlov’s dog, he reacts to what happened in Virginia in a predictable, over the top, way.

In his post of 4/25, he links to this site, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.  If you click through you can see that this is an impromptu site set up just to make some hay over a very tragic event.  Its color scheme is the obligatory red, white and blue, with plenty of graphics of guns — one with a mortarboard on it!  (Lots of exclamation points, too.)  Click on the “about” link to see a pic of the founder, Chris Brown, proud senior, majoring in political science (i.e. heading for the Republican welfare train) at the University of North Texas and baseball cap wearer.  He wears glasses, too, just like my creepy student from last session.

I’ll try to explain this as clearly as I can.  Let’s just say I am teaching a class and I know that there is a possibility that one or more of my students has a concealed handgun.  I teach my class and everything goes smoothly.  Great.  But one day someone — maybe it’s me, maybe another student — says something that sets one of the carrying students off.  It then becomes a question of who is the quicker draw, leading to a possible Mexican standoff.  If the ticked off student has a semi-automatic, then the whole class is doomed.  Happy scenario?

The same groups who want guns on campus whine and moan about having to be PC.  One way to insure that everything said on campus is ultra-PC is to allow guns there.  Is that what that crowd really wants?

I’ve had a prof chase me across campus after having a heated debate in a class.  I’ve had students threaten me.  I’ve had students literally get in my face and call me a liar.  I’ve had desperate students turn angry because they didn’t pass a class. 

Guns on campus is not the solution.  As I have said numerous times, just give me a damn lock on my classroom door.


9 responses to “More on Guns

  1. That’s why I couldn’t be a teacher. The first punk who got in my face about failing a class. Let’s just say what I say to him/her would get me fired.

  2. Jason, given that you have read what I wrote about my teaching experience, I still teach. It is my calling. Jason, please can you not see? Are you blind?

    Keep coming.

    I have asked a teacher from Kenya to write here. I don’t know if she will accept, but she would add a different perspecrive.

  3. I live in Spring, not Katy. you must be dyslexic if you typed my Lat and Long into google maps and came up with Katy.

  4. You live in Spring, not Houston. Got it.

  5. Liar might not apply, right? It’s the club you belong to.

  6. I’m glad you like my glasses.

    You absolutely know nothing about guns. A semi automatic is half of all guns in the United States and will shoot with a cyclic rate comparable to any revolver. Maybe you were searching for “automatic.”

    BTW, I’m well off, I don’t need the Democrat’s welfare train. My mommy and daddy pay for college which I’m sure makes you mad.

    Students wouldn’t shoot you on campus. They would laugh at how pathetic a person you are.

    Thanks for the publicity!

  7. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by. You didn’t get my point about your glasses because you didn’t read the first post I wrote about guns. I am indifferent about your glasses, actually.

    Thank also for pointing out my lack of knowledge wrt guns. I’ll ask Jason about it the next time he stops by here. (BTW — you might actually like Jason’ blog — there’s a link to it in my blogroll and his name in the first comment.)

    You didn’t seem to catch my “Republican” welfare train remark either. I don’t care who pays for your college education. I’d just rather not pay your salary when you become a policy wonk for some wingnut politician — or a wingnut politician yourself.

    My students tend to be very straight forward with me. I’ve always told them if they have a complaint about me, they are more than welcome to take it to my boss. Some have over the years. None have ever laughed or called me pathetic. Most complained because they percieived me as being too strict.

    You are welcome — but I doubt you’ll get many hits from my links to your site.

  8. As a teacher and an advocate against guns on campus, you realize that anyone hot headed enough to shoot you is not going to pay attention to the rules about carrying on campus, right? Someone with the impulsive nature needed to take out half your classroom with a semi (by the way, a wheel gun is a real gun) will simply have easier pickings if guns remain limited on campuses. My take on the matter is simply that offering up paper laws prohibiting guns on campus only has the effect of making all of you targets.

    That said, if you prefer such laws as a means of possibly reducing your exposure to guns on campus, I’m not going to worry about it since I haven’t been in school for a very long time. The pro-gun advocates like Rorschach always seem to think more guns are the answer to a great many societal problems but their logic is akin to that of a small petulant child who wants to meddle too much in the affairs of others (ala Firefly/Serenity). 🙂

  9. To answer your first question, yes. But as you know, the vast majority of people obey laws that are in place. We’ve never had a problem with anyone carrying on campus in the time that I have worked there. But because there is a chance that someone could bring a gun on campus and go crazy, I’d like to have a lock on my classroom door. Given the construction of the classrooms I teach in, that would completely secure the people in the rooms.

    You’re a Firefly/Serenity fan? Cool 😉

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