“Given the Circumstances, Try to Have a Good Weekend”

And I will.  I was able to get an appointment today — by being pro-active.  It went well.  He was sarcastic at one point — something that runs through the complaint about me — and when I didn’t noticeably react, pointed it out.  Later in our talk, I said something sarcastic, and then said I had always thought it was part of my humor.

As  a colleague suggested — the pimple has been popped.  Let’s see who keeps picking at it.

My favorite show was on tonight — Red, White and Blue.  Since I am being lazy, I won’t go to the trouble to look up the names of the guys who were on.  It was an editor from the Chronicle (which is now considered pro-democrat?) and an on air personality from KSEV (which I never listen to — I have never liked Dan Patrick).  I can’t remember at the moment what they talked about first (and I don’t want to rewind the tape since I have it set up to record in a few minutes), but they did address Rick Perry’s mandate for girls to get the vaccine.  All four men had very strong opinions about it.  David was the soul voice saying that it would save girls’ lives.  As for me, Perry single-handedly screwed a generation of Texas girls through his handling of this.  According to the chat on RW&B, this was Perry’s launch for a presidential bid for ’08.  So, it stinks all around.  Perry got money from Merck.  Merck exclusively makes the vaccine.  Perry wants to be president.  Girls will suffer and die.  Seriously, this is the level of politics in Texas.  Thanks GWB.

Lastly, while someone may object to a new kitten having a name already — you know who you are — Rowdy seems appropriate.  Either that or Stinky.  Or maybe “you stink because you have single-handedly taken over the kitty house that we have only just figured out was ours stinky” might be more appropriate.  My vote is for the shorter name.

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