Webb Victory

Had you asked me 20 years ago if I would support Jim Webb as a Democrat for Senate, I would have given you an earful and more.  (In context, a reliable source tells me I have mellowed.)  I nit-picked everything I read from him or about him. 

In the last few years, while so many Americans called me and people like me traitors, I found Webb again.  He stood up for John Kerry and Jack Murtha.  He wrote a NYT editorial defending their service and scolding the Swiftboaters who had been backed by the owner of Perry Homes — a man who has caused many problems in my dear city and to our country.  I reconsidered my long-held opinion of Jim Webb.  I caught up with his writing and thinking.  He won me over.  When I read that he had decided to run against Allen, I was over-joyed.  I sent him a little money early on and then later, when I could.

Today, at 2:00 p.m., Allen conceded.  What that meant to me is many-fold.  First and most importantly, it means that NO ONE can call me or anyone who holds similar opinions as I do traitors ever again.  That is over.  Second, it is a step in the direction of finally proving that Democrats have the troops’ welfare in mind and will back that up with action, not simply hollow words.  Third, this should sink the swiftboaters once and for all.  We will still have to reason with them, but now, the weight is tilting in our favor.

Congratulations, Jim Webb.  I for one am proud that you will be in the Senate.  Proud and extremely happy.

2 responses to “Webb Victory

  1. If you think Reynolds is vile try listening to Michael Savage!

  2. Hey Tito,

    I listen to Savage until he gets too whiny. Nevertheless, I listen to him. Reynolds claims to be independent, like Ann Althouse, and they disappoint far more.

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