The pack dogs were back.  Dora alerted to them and went nuts, as she always does.  I tried to scoot them along from the safety of the fenced front yard.  I hope the outside kittens are ok.  BecauseTammy is in, I hope that they went to the garage.  Since it’s been raining, I doubt they are on the carport or my neighbor’s roof.  I’ll check again in a bit.

 There was a problem with a dog pack in another neighborhood.  I remember hearing about it on the news.  Sometimes I see several dogs sleeping in Moody Park on my way to work.  I worry about them.  They are reverting back to their basic instincts.  They travel together and claim their territory.  They sleep spread out.  One morning I saw a mom with a pup near the street as I drove by.   Given my experience, I think the ones that were caught in that other neighborhood were probably put down.

I wish I could take them all in.  Tam could have joined that group and been part of that terrifying pack.  Luckily, she found her way back to the house and has been a loved member of our household ever since.  While she doesn’t interact with the outside kittens, she knows that they are her responsibility.  She watches over them, and they know they can go in her backyard when she is inside.  I started thinking tonight that when I refurbish the garage, I should make a nice nest for outside kittens — up off the ground — so they always have a place to run to — whether from rain or dog packs.

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