Duct Tape

To document this, Kathleen says:

I want to say that deleting comments from “those with no life” is quite cathartic. When I click on comments it just shows the first few words, so I just click delete. It’s like a loud obnoxious person coming into a room and just as they get the first two words out you slap duct tape on their mouth and they disappear. It’s quite fun actually.

The torture class is born.


2 responses to “Duct Tape

  1. Don’t get around much do you?

    Kos, DU, FDL, etc are all much quicker with the duct tape and “chilling dissent”

  2. I don’t read any of those sites.

    For the record, I would never even imagine using duct tape on anyone, nor hope that someone disappear.

    That’s just me, though. I’m not a member of the torture class.

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