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Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

I’m a little depressed.  I try to be frugal in every way as far as my expenses.  I know that my natural gas bill will be higher in these cold months, but I had counted on my electricity bill going down (my heat is natural gas).

Last month my electricity bill was $176.  That looks like a summer bill for me.  I looked into it more.

I have Reliant 100% wind month to month.  When I started going back into my bills and usage, I realized that Reliant had increased my rate 5 times in the last year.  


Bye Tammy Bear

S/W Ver: 96.B0.0AR

She was such a good girl.

Murphy is not quite right yet, and the kittens aren’t helping.  He has to live without the biggest influence and love of his life.  He loved Tammy more than anyone or thing.  When I was cleaning up the bags from the vet, I let him smell Tammy’s collar.  He got wildly excited.  We didn’t go get her or bring her home.  He was sad then.  So was I.

I will rearrange things around here.  I don’t think I can trust the cats not to irritate Murphy.  Dora hasn’t had a loss like Murphy and I, so she can deal with the cats during the day while I am a work.

Perhaps I can make Roberto’s room a boy’s club.  It will take retraining Murphy and Tammy Dora as to which doors to run to in their exchanges, but they are smart enough to get it.

I miss Tammy.  She was a strong girl.

Dora Ducks

This morning, Dora and I went to the Buffalo Bayou Walk.  At first, she didn’t get it and was a little scared.  That ended when she took a poop just outside the UHD sustainability garden.

Here’s the pics and vids:

More tomorrow!

Another Family Swarm

Speaking from experience, big families swarmmimg little families is not a good visual.

Hopey wins hands down with his navy allusion.

My and Dora’s Song

Wednesday’s debate may be a good thing.


When It’s Just Murphy and Me and Tammy if She Makes It

We will move north.

While I really liked Denver, I couldn’t sleep there.  I liked Cambridge better.  I don’t even have to stay in the US.  I think Murphy and Tammy and I could make a go of it in the great white north.  Tammy is a bear and Murphy is an all weather pup.  I can survive anything.

I’m pretty sure I could find a job.

The Olds

And no, I’m not talking about the Republican party.

While we are all aging, we still have to take care of those older than us.

My friends are taking care of two aging kittehs.  I’m dealing with an aging Dora.

Tonight, Dora seemed to have a little leg that went to sleep.  It wouldn’t be a big deal with any other dog, except Dora only has three to start with.  She was distressed, but between Caroline and I we got her back up on the bed and happy. Caroline is watching over Dora now — quite a change, since Dora has always been Caroline’s protector and cleaner — as it were.

Watching Dora calm as she ages is something I rejoice, but also dread.  I love the gentler calmer Dora, but I also know that caring for her will involve risks.  I deal with her delicately.  I know she loves me, but her instinct is to defend herself no matter what.  I can only hope that she remembers I have never hurt her.  Even after all these years, she trusts Caroline more than me — because of what idiot hunters did to her.

I’m thinking that in addition to play time with Dora, I’ll add a little massage.  She’s been a wonderful dog always.  She makes me feel safe — especially since the fire.  She was the one who saved us all that night.

Here’s to taking care of the olds.  They mean so much to us and end up being such babies, which makes us love them all the more.

If Romney Gets 61% of the White People’s Vote, He Wins

That’s what he is aiming for.


Hard Day

I hate driving.

Last night I had to take up everyone’s food except for Dora’s because of Tammy’s surgery.  I know they were all hungry — they mostly snack.

We got up early this morning, and after I got everyone — including myself — situated, I put Tammy’s collar on (she doesn’t wear one — Murphy chews them off).  Murphy was not happy.  Tammy was unsure.

I always worry more when I have one of my babies in the car, mostly because I don’t know what I would do if I had a wreck.   Since we were going against traffic, everything went fairly smoothly.  Tammy and I count the freeways — 45 to I10 to 610 to 59 and then exit Beechnut to the vet.

Tammy was more reluctant than usual at the vet’s.  She didn’t want to go with the tech, so they let me go back with her.  She’s a good dog; she just remembers the chemo.  We got he in a nice cage with a nice binky and I left for work.

I cruised in at 10 til my class, still having to change clothes and review for class.  Of course other teachers needed this and that and so my class suffered a little.    Just before I had to go observe a class, the vet called.  He had pulled Tammy’s two bad teeth, and now that he finally had her under, he could look more closely at the tumor in her mouth — everything was on the left side.  He asked if I wanted him to cut out the tumor.  After confirming that he was only talking about soft tissue (taking out half of her jaw was one option four years ago), I agreed.

I observed the class and then had to drive out to Clear Lake for my first dental appointment.  It went well and then I drove to my second appointment (I’m in the implant process for one tooth).  The second involved upper and lower impressions — which I am getting better about since I had a very kind student who is a dentist from Venezuela give me some advice.  It has worked so far.

All the while, I was thinking about the second question from the vet: did I want to have the tumor tested.  When I got back over to Beechnut, I told the vet my trouble.  In saying it, I knew.  I didn’t want to hear any bad news, but would love some good news.  But what could he do if it were bad news?  Tell me they had lost the sample?  I said send it.

He then told me that he had had to sedate poor Tammy again because she was bleeding.   And that she had pooped herself while under and that they had to clean her up.  You have to understand that Tammy’s but is at once a mass of mystery — the fur!!!! — and something of a magnet for grass and leaves.  The poor tech was so worried she hadn’t cleaned her up very well.

I got Tammy’s meds and some pictures, and we left.

The trek home was hard.  Tammy was woozy and very attached to the gear shift. The traffic was terrible on 59 to 610 to 45.

We finally got home and I found that Murphy had pooped in the house.  Sigh.

I let them out for a minute and then ran to Fiesta to get some soft wet food for Tam.

As I held the bowl for her to eat, she was still bleeding a bit.  Hopefully, it will stop by tomorrow.  She’s still a little wobbly, but I think she will be ok.

Different Bucket Lists

My mom (whom I’m done with, but who serves as a good punching bag for me, much like I had for her and my family for almost 50 years — and I mean that figuratively and literally) has a bucket list of visiting all 50 states.   She and my sister think I want to go see a baseball game in St. Louis or take a cruise for a family reunion.

For me, that’s all meh.

My bucket list is different:  I want to swim with sharks and vacation on the moon.

Tonight, 60 Minutes had a guy on who might just make that happen.  I also know that Sir Branson is also in this race.

I’d also like to go back to Latvia and to finally see Russia.  Of course, I would love to live my last days back home somewhere in Africa.