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Mittens is on Letterman

talking about cars.

I know neither one of them will mention DAR.

A Blatant Example of the Republicans’ Minority Outreach Problem

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:  Republicans in Texas (could be true for the rest of the country) don’t run minorities in primaries in general because they can’t win.  African Americans might slide by because 1) their names don’t set off negative signals to the GOP primary voters and 2) they get appointed to the position in the first place.

Paul Bettencourt screwed up by trying to be a little too coy.  He quit his office and had a Latino installed.  Unfortunately — for the Republicans — Bettencourt’s successor got primaried and lost.   So, tell me RepublicansWhat’s in a name?

Since this office is responsible for voter registration, I would love to get it in responsible hands.  Diane Trautman looks to be that person.

Confirmed: Texas Republicans Want a King — or something

It looks like the smear job on Medina not only kept her down but pushed Perry to the nomination AGAIN.  All four of the talk radio stations were on Perry’s side, except for one little voice on for an hour and a half on Saturday afternoons.  The tea party people have to be disappointed, and a little more sober at this point.  They tried to go up against the Republican machine here, and this is what happens.

There’s more than just a little suspicion about what happened to Medina.  Pat Gray, Glenn Beck’s side kick, worked for all but one of the conservative talk radio stations before moving to Beck’s show.  Dan Patrick was at the Perry Rally when Sarah Palin  rallied for Perry.  And remember, Perry jumped on the tea party bandwagon from the beginning.  His acceptance speech was weird in that respect.  It had more national rhetoric and ambitions than local — or that’s the way it seemed to me.  He tried to tie his win in a Republican primary to the state general elections that Republican have won recently in other states.  That’s arrogant and that’s Perry.

To the 18th:  Jackson Lee looks to win.  I guess that means Michael Berry doesn’t have all that many democrats who listen to him.  I voted for Jarvis Johnson.  I find it typical that Berry focused on unseating Jackson Lee from the Democratic side instead of from the Republican side.  The Republicans couldn’t find a single minority in the 18th to run.

The Chronical is basically useless since it doesnt’ give raw numbers — only percentages.  I’ll take a look around to see what happened with the other races.

Another Haiti Post

I remember what Hurricane Ike was like.  It was scary because you knew it was coming.  It was scary because of the wind.  But everyone knew after hours and hours of wind and rain, it would eventually stop.  It was eerie around here when there was no electricity.  At least I knew that my house was still standing afterwards, in the dark.  For two weeks, I had my house and knew it wouldn’t fall down on me — even if the ceiling was crumbling in a couple of places.  I felt safe in my house.

The people in Haiti have no such security.  Either their houses were destroyed or they were unstable — the houses could fall at any moment.  They are by necessity out in the street.  The city was built to accommodate 50K, but 2 mil were living there.  They don’t have electricity.  They don’t have any way to communicate.

I turned off every media that focused on any violence in Haiti earlier today.  The PBS News Hour disappointed me in trying to push that point.  It’s wrong and sensationalizing.  Something Fox News Channel would do — like they did with the president’s stopping deportations.

My hope is that things will get better over the weekend.  There has to be a way for the U.S. military, the Red Cross and the U.N., despite their losses on the ground, to get their operations up and running.

Now for the shame.  Though no one I try to shame will ever admit it, I’ll do it anyway.

First to Kevin WhitedCoward. Nothing on the Houston Haitian community or the earthquake.  As if it never happened.  Less than a month into the new city administration, Kevin is grousing.    Who could have predicted?

And then there is Kathleen.  Remember, she’s all for getting blacks (not Hispanics so much) into the Republican party.  Here are her contributions.  On her Houston Chronicle blog, it seems self promotion and the pasty work is more important than what happened in Haiti.  She finally posted something today — a false equivalence — seriously, Danny Glover vs. Pat Robertson?  But she adds this diddy that she claims she can’t get out of her head:

The devil went down to Hait, he was looking for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind ‘cos he was way behind: he was willin’ to make a deal.
When he came across this young man talkin’ to a frenchi who was all hot.
And the devil jumped upon a palm stump and said: “Boy let me tell you what:
“I bet you didn’t know it, but I own the frenchies too.
“And if you’d care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you.
“Now you have pretty good island, boy, but give the devil his due:
“I bet freeing you from the french against your soul, ‘cos I think I can make it better for you.”
The boy said: “My name’s Jean-Bertrand and it might be a sin,
“But I’ll take your bet, your gonna regret, ‘cos we’re the best island that’s ever been.”

Where the hell did she get that from?  I can’t find it anywhere.  Is there some email making the rounds?  Sorry, but that’s the most racist thing I’ve read in a while.

(shakes head)

She finishes with this:

Danny, Pat? I’ve got a newsflash for you guys. Satan didn’t do this and gobal (sic) warming didn’t do this. This is called nature. So get over your stupid theories.

I don’t get it.

It seems fairly straight forward to me.  There is a Haitian community in Greater Houston.  The earthquake is a big deal.  Perhaps these Republicans got burned during Katrina and can’t seem to bring themselves to even look at what happened in Haiti.

It will take a lot of work by people with more expertise than me to get Haiti together and healthy and safe.  Is there so much going on that Kevin and Kathleen can’t even suggest a place to give on their very influential blogs?

True Colors

I wrote to Michael Berry tonight.  Sometimes he gets a little antsy about whether or not I will copy and paste something from his emails to me on this blog.  I never have and never will.  Not even his drunk emails.

(OMG the Republican debate on the teevee is already really bad.  Perry’s already whipped out a “you betcha” and MILITARY MILITARY MILITARY!  YOU GOT THAT?)


Michael Berry is setting himself and his radio stations apart.  I never thought I would hear what I have the past two days on the air at any time, but yes, I did.

(WHAT?  Kay pulls out ACORN.  “Scaring people to death.”  Good grief.)

(Medina is on the MILITARY bandwagon.  She’s not really ready for prime time.)

Well, I didn’t mean for this to be a live blog of the debate, so I’ll stop.

Back to KTRH and KPRC and Michael Berry.  This is what I sent to Berry earlier tonight:

Who’s the worst?


It’s difficult to judge who has been the worst:  you, Limbaugh or Baker.

And that’s with Baker having been off the air in Houston (though not in Minneapolis as I understand it) for the last two days.

It’s not for me to tell you when you and your talent are on the wrong side of something, but I will anyway.  The way you treated that caller yesterday was despicable and replaying it today was simply blind vanity on your part.  Trust me, that clip is not flattering.

Limbaugh has bigger names than me judging him, but he is on your station and reflects on you.

Baker’s been melting down on a regular basis lately.  He can’t even rationally talk about the weather, much less immigration or our president.

I remember the little stunt you pulled when Ike hit.  Do you think I am the only one who does?  I remember your bragging about having MREs just after Ike.  And  you needed them why?  Or were you being fast and loose with the truth?

But hey, don’t let me stop you from giving your limited listening audience the opportunity to show their true colors.  I would say it’s refreshing, but I’ve lived with your listeners my whole life.  The only difference now is that they feel free, as do you, Limbaugh and Baker, to express their base opinions over the airwaves.


And speaking of Chris Baker — my goodness — he got into a pickle with the Catholics in his audience.

(Sorry — the debate is hilarious!)

Baker has been off the air for the last two days.  I finally heard why.  Listen to the podcast from 1/12/10 at the 9 minute mark.  I haven’t listened to what he said on Monday (1/11), but there’s enough info to speculate.  I’ll listen to it tomorrow.

(HOLY SHIT.  This debate is hilarious and SCARY at the same time.  Holy crap.)

While Baker’s producer has been covering for him the past two days, Baker has been on the air in Minneapolis the past two mornings.  Lying is sort of difficult to do in the age of the internets.  Perhaps Baker was taken off the air because he couldn’t toe the line Michael Berry had charted wrt Haiti.  Just look at his Minneapolis “blog.”

Berry also gets money from having Limbaugh on his radio station.  Here’s what Limbaugh has had to say since the earthquake in Haiti.

Oh, hell.  This debate is distracting.

My point is that Clear Channel here in Houston has gotten on the wrong side of the Haiti disaster.  While they want people not to donate to Haiti, it won’t work.  And when Haiti is doing better — as I have faith it will — they will hope that people forget how they behaved — I will remember.

I remember Michael Berry getting drunk and not being able to find his car.  I remember the shenanigans he pulled around Hurricane Ike.  I remember how Chris Baker asked a Homeland Security official whether he and his friends could go down and shoot people at the border.  I remember how I punked Michael Berry.  Even if Berry deletes all of it, I will remember — and remind you guys.

Final word, Limbaugh, Berry and Baker have all shown their true colors this week.


It breaks my heart.  Just Monday, The PBS News Hour had a segment on as part of their series on fragile states, detailing how the Haitian textile industry was set for a comeback, particularly through the work of Bill Clinton.  The title of the report?  “Despite Years of Crushing Poverty, Hope Grows in Haiti.”  I can’t even bring myself to read the transcript.

I donated to the Red Cross and UNICEF.  There was no question in my mind.  In listening to wingnut radio this morning, I was happy to hear that both of the hosts were advertising a number to call for a charity to donate to.

This afternoon was quite different.  I pulled up “Katrina TrashChris Baker while I was at work and found that his producer was on the air, making jokes about having fired Baker.  (I’ll leave that to another post.)  The producer also decided that he was obligated to mention the earthquake in Haiti, but what he really wanted to talk about was how there is scientific proof that men are better than women.  How insightful producer guy!

Later, on the way home, Michael Berry wasn’t much better.  He just couldn’t decide if giving aid to Haiti was a good thing to do and asked his listeners to call in (or text or email).  Most of the arguments were about Hurricane Ike and how people are hurting here at home and that the government shouldn’t be in the charity business.  A couple of callers I heard used Haiti’s history to decide that it wasn’t a good idea to donate or help them.  Sort of like it’s their own fault that two tectonic plates decided to slide against each other.  (For example:  one caller pointed out that Haiti and the Dominican Republic are on the same island and what a difference there was between them.  How could one plate and another exist under one island?!?  How could one city get hit by a hurrican and not another? How could one part of an island flood and not another?  Gee, I don’t know!!!!)  It’s clear that neither Michael Berry or his listeners saw the News Hour piece — otherwise all of them would have been lamenting the fact that Haiti had it’s hopes dashed.

I would be irresponsible not to speculate that wingnut listeners, after having seen wall to wall coverage of poor black people (“it’s Katrina all over again!”) in a foreign country on their teevees all day, as well as yet another appearance by the president guy reading from his teleprompter, had decided by 5:00 CST that it was just not their problem.  But they have to have some excuse, so they fired up their computers and looked around Free Republic or other websites and decided that, heck, there are houses somewhere along the Texas coast that still haven’t been rebuilt since Hurricane Ike, there are Americans unemployed, our country is in debt, and you know what, fuck those Haitians.  I would be irresponsible not to speculate that many of Michael Berry’s listeners had had about enough of the blacks on the teevee for one day.  And last but not least, for every excuse each had for not giving or doing something for the people in Haiti, none of them did or will ever do a damn thing for anyone else.

It’s a no-brainer — whether or not to help.  In the aftermath of Katrina, many nations offered to help us, though that was more because they had competence in the problem areas rather than something about resources.  Those nations got burned by the Bush administration.  Again.  And wrt to Ike or unemployment, sorry, there is no equivalence.  Problems with Ike recovery are not about a lack of funds on a national level.  Far from it.  If all of Michael Berry’s callers are so worried about Ike victims (I can still hear Berry cry over the air “PEOPLE DIED!11!11!1!1!11!!), then they would have done something about it before now, dontchathink?

So, I send out a big FUCK YOU to Michael Berry’s callers.  The posse leader will keep riling up the troops no matter what I might say.

More Hyperventilating Wingnuttery — International Edition

I heard a snippet about this earlier in the week on Glenn Beck’s radio show, and then again this morning on a local Libertarian– wingnutty radio program.  President Obama has granted Interpol “unprecedented liberties to control Americans.”  All of the usual suspects are there in that Google search, including a few I’d never heard of.

Jake Tapper and the NYT painstakingly walk the wingnuts through what exactly the Executive Order the President signed on the 17th actually involves, but I doubt that will stop any of them from believing that some guy from Scotland Yard will be breaking into their homes to arrest them at ANY MOMENT!!1!!11!!!!  And control them.  Or something.  And you know what?  You’ll never hear about it in the MSM.  Fucking liberals.

Let’s be Honest, This is a Rant

(Without links for tonight)

First off, I woke up to Mike Gallagher going on about political correctness — like that is new.  He wants to screen every person with a Muslim name who wants to get on a plane.  I find it odd that there isn’t more outrage about how the guy got on the plane in Africa or Europe.  Do the TSA have people in Amsterdam?  Another disappointment is that Janet Napolitano felt that she had to answer the screamers.

(Obvious parenthetical — the city was supposed to start requiring biodegradable bags for yard waste, but the new bags are not available widely enough yet.  I was able to get all but one bag out for the latest pickup.  I will switch to the other bags, but having ordered my composter, I may only need to purchase one package.)

Back to the would be bomber — given that I went on an international flight less than a month after 9/11, I’m not one of the people who gets worked up about this.  It’s always been the case that traveling by car is much more dangerous and wouldn’t it be novel for the American public and our officials (in that order) figure that out?   The solution to the current issue would be for international airports to wonder and stop someone who doesn’t live in the U.S. buying a one way ticket here.  But that’s not what the criticism is about.  It will be conflated to 9/11 and be very afraid to fly and everyone will lose some of their freedoms — or not.

Part of me wonders how families and people in general endured continental flights before there were laptops, cell phones, DS’s etc.  How did they survive it?  And to get back to Mike Gallagher, he pointed to how the Israeli airline deters terrorists:  they basically profile Palestinians.  As he claims, no one complains.  That would make sense.  Palestinians live in world where they are suspected no matter what.  They are made to wait and wait, often in the sun, just to get to their jobs.  Yes, let’s be just like Israel, where you have to be a Jew to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time.

I know, Gallagher is just looking to get blog hits at this point.  For the last week his sub has admitted as much.  He is promoting a link on his blog that gives an 800 number to D.C.  Either one of them could have given the number on the air, but no.  You must go to the website — oh and sign yet another petition.  About Health Insurance Reform.  The first one, delivered via ambulance, didn’t work, and so you must do it again.

The same station delivered a ridiculous “best of” Bill Bennett this morning.  Why should we let these people be in charge again?  It also advertises the USJF — no, not the Judo thing, but the wingnutty thing that supports not only the birthers, but seems to be run by a Dickensian named KREEP, and wants to erect a monument to Saint Ronnnie in Berlin.

I’ve run out of steam.  I’ve tried to be humorous.  I’ll add links tomorrow.

I had wanted to take picks of what I have been doing, the process, but I didn’t.  If there is no rain in the morning, I will capture the work in progress.

And speaking of progress, and the end of the year, I, for one, think our President and Vice President are doing a very good job.  I’m relieved that they are the ones in charge.  I’m also extremely happy about our Mayor.  Except for the governorship, I’ve got the representation that I have always wanted.

They Don’t Really Care

I listened to Natalie Arceneaux this afternoon and a bit of Michael Bery last night.

They don’t really care about what happened at Fort Hood.  Natalie didn’t mention it at all and Berry was way more intent upon making our President look bad.

Neither care about much more than themselves.  They both want listeners.  They both tease their audiences.  They both lie.

They are both part of the “I’ve got mine, fuck you” party.

As a radio critic, I think Natalie needs to lose her wild cackle (it gives the lie to her supposed tearful call for 300 (it came off as her being pissed about not being asked to speak at the latest tea party thingy).  And Michael needs to lose that habit of pulling his pants down and showing his ass.

There are people who are hurting.  People who are shocked and weary.  But all Natalie can focus on is politics and Michael, well, he vomits.

Spreading Lies and Bashing Immigrants

I decided to turn on Chris Baker on Man-talk 950 AM here in Houston this afternoon.  For the first hour and almost half of the second, he was back on his cutesy “criminal aliens” shtick.  Today he’s decided to dumb down reports that NHS and ICE are going to restructure the detention policies regarding illegal immigrants, and explore moving the system from a prison based operation to one dependent on risk levels.  One idea is to use converted old hotels and nursing homes to house people awaiting deportation hearings.

Instead of discussing the merits of the proposals, Baker instead focuses on the cost — $14.00 a day and how dangerous the old motels might be with lead paint, all the while straining to pat himself on the back for the kindness our country shows to “criminal aliens”.

Later, in between talking about some study that claims that women on the pill like girly men and brainstorming about manly-men in Hollywood, he plays a short clip from an interview he had with Michele Bachmann on his second gig — in Minneapolis.  So, what clip did he play?  One in which Bachmann repeats a lie which originated with David Vitter, the Republican Senator from Louisiana.  She stated that congress voted to suspend ACORN funding for one month and that at the strike of midnight on October 31st, ACORN will receive $1 million dollars.


Want the truth?  Then we have to look to Media Matters.  ACORN was awarded the money for fire prevention and safety on September 4, 2009.

In another part of the interview that Baker didn’t repeat on his Houston show, Bachmann claimed that ACORN is getting $5 billion in some bill (it’s unclear which), but they aren’t.  ACORN could compete for the money, but it’s purpose is not something ACORN typically does, so they probably won’t.

Baker’s boss Michael Berry isn’t nearly this sloppy.

Oh, and Baker’s still pretending that he’s based here in Houston.  One guy called up and tried to punk him by asking about a restaurant “up there in Minneapolis,” but Baker didn’t take the bait and wasn’t very happy about it.